Optimus G Pro not coming to Australia

The launch of the Optimus G Pro in Japan yesterday caused a smattering of interest so I approached LG Australia for comment on whether this model would be arriving in Australia and how they felt the announcement of this phone would affect the upcoming release of the Optimus G in March. They advised that there will actually be two variants of the Optimus G Pro but we unfortunately won’t be getting either :

The Optimus G Pro is a Japanese model for the Japanese market and is different from the Optimus G Pro that will soon be launched in Korea, despite the same name. The Optimus G Pro is not planned for release in the Australian market.

The Optimus G Pro now joins the likes of other forgotten LG phones such as the Optimus Vu and it’s replacement the Vu 2 as well as the Optimus 4X as phones that will not be seen on our shores, what are your feelings on this?

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    Telstra stuffed up again. Backed the wrong horse.
    Who is going to sign up for the smaller less capable G model on a $60 plan with competition like the S4, the Xperia Z and the HTC one.
    The Pro at least has a full HD screen & numerous other features.


    Starting to think LG are not making more nexus devices. Seem to be able to keep their own branded devices coming

    vijay alapati

    Actually its a smart move…..i’m sure not many people will be interested to buy a LG phone….instead they can concentrate on nexus production……seriously…..other have better products

    Sean Royce

    I don’t feel like I’m missing anything big.


    It has the best specs of any phone currently announced – 1080p display, 1.7Ghz S4 Pro, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage, microSD, 3000mAh battery, etc. I’m not sure about LG regarding OS quality and updates though.

    Sean Royce

    That’s what I mean, if it was on pure android or those hardware specs in an HTC or Samsung phone then sure I’d love it.


    Who’s going to buy a Optimus G with phones like the Xperia Z and other 1080 phones coming at the same time.
    Not a smart move by LG

    Greg McPherson

    Well, you’d go in thinking that your best beast is just as good as Sonys or HTCs or Samsungs. If it’s not, then push your engineers a bit harder.


    That’s the thing, they’re not bringing there best beast, we know Sony are and I’m sure HTC and Samsung will be too.

    Andrew Palozzo

    Short sited… no idea why they wouldn’t want to release their top tier phones here.. I don’t see much in the pipeline that could replace it… and for those wanting LTE, the Nexus4 isn’t an option.