When I first heard of Plague, Inc, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. The aim of the game is to make the human race extinct by creating and evolving a virus. It doesn’t take long to get hooked on the game, and it actually takes quite a bit of strategy. You have to try for the right balance of lethality and contagiousness so that it spreads across the world, but kills everyone before scientists have time to find a cure.

It is definitely an odd game, but there’s a certain pride that comes from seeing that Australia is leading the research efforts to find a cure for the plague, and then there’s the satisfaction from seeing that your plague has wiped out a whole country.

If you haven’t played Plague Inc yet, or you’ve killed everyone enough times that you’re getting bored, there is soon to be a new reason to play — Zombies. Or actually, the ‘Necroa’ virus that turns folks into the living dead. The 1.5 update will be released in February, and apparently brings new strategies designed to mix up gameplay and keep the game fresh. For example, instead of creating a cure for the plague, governments set up an organisation to contain the outbreak and stop the undead hordes from feasting on the brains of their former friends and family. According to James Vaughan, one of the gentlemen who works at Ndemic Creations (the developers), the gameplay is quite different and strategies that worked for other diseases may not work so well for the Necroa virus.

I really like Ndemic’s model of obtaining additional content. Once the update has been released, you’ll be able to obtain it for free if you’ve completed all the previous stages of the game on brutal difficulty. If you don’t have the patience to wait for your zombie apocalypse, you can buy the add-on for $1.99. Until then, download Plague Inc (for free!) from the Play Store, and hone your extinction skills.

Plague Inc.
Plague Inc.
Developer: Ndemic Creations
Price: Free
Source: Android Authority.
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    Mikhail Cass

    I’ve been re-watching Resident Evil and playing Plague inc at the same time! Great Game! Haha