Today, Google updated the Nexus 4’s page on the Play Store from ‘Sold out’ to ‘Temporarily out of stock’. Google and LG have been working hard to produce more stock of the much-sought-after phone, and considering that the Nexus 4 will be available from Harvey Norman on Friday, and that it’s currently available from Best Buy in the US, it seems likely that the Play Store will be restocked soon as well.

While we’re considering rumours, Droid Life has apparently received information that the Play Store will once again be selling the Nexus 4 tomorrow from 9am Pacific Time. Considering that 9am PST is about 4am in Australian Eastern Time, it doesn’t seem likely that the Nexus 4 will become available at the same time. If it does become available in the US tomorrow morning, it will likely become available in the international Play Stores fairly soon, but we make no promises, especially considering that the Nexus 4 was given a second run in the US in December, but we missed out completely.

Source: Play Store.
Thanks: Everyone who sent this in.
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“Sold out”, “temporary out of stock”, what difference does it make?


on means that stock will return soon.

germany and canada have apparently opened up for more. Lets hope we get a few more.


its available


4:40AM: Still nothing.

This is the best managed Nexus project so far. Really.

Mahmoud Baghdadi

Alarm set to 3:55 A.M! Just in case 😀

Dylan Wheeler

Might do the same haha