Harvey Norman Nexus 4

LG’s Nexus 4 handset has proven difficult to acquire since it launched at the end of October, selling out within 22 minutes of its original Australian launch in November, and again yesterday when the device was put on sale for only the second time. Despite the 3 months that have passed since its reveal, there’s still a huge demand for the Google flagship device. The next option for those who missed out on ordering the Nexus 4 via the Play Store is to purchase at retail through Harvey Norman, who will be exclusively selling the device, starting today.

This marks the first time the phone has been available from an offline source in Australia. Ausdroid spoke with Colin Wright from Harvey Norman about the Nexus 4 to find out how they see the device, Android, and their relationship with LG & Google.

Colin advised that Harvey Norman is very excited to get the exclusive on the Nexus 4, and the level of demand they’ve seen for the device in the week since it was announced has taken them by surprise. Allocations of stock sent to stores numbered in the thousands, but seems unlikely to satisfy the huge public demand for the handset – both online and walk-in pre-orders have seen most of the initial stock accounted for. Harvey Norman wants to get the handset out to consumers, and it seems they’ll have no trouble doing so.

Harvey Norman is keen to fill out their lineup and bring in accessories for the device, but seems unable to get anything from their regular suppliers, or LG / Google – it seems the Nexus 4 bumper will remain a Play store exclusive for now, and there’s been little word on the “Orb” wireless charger. You will be able to purchase the Nokia Fatboy Lumia charging mat – certified to work with “rev 12” hardware – although the exact hardware revision on offer is currently unknown (we’ll update this article when we know more).

Second round ETA: March

Harvey Norman’s commitment to the device doesn’t end when their initial stock is sold out. The retailer has already placed another, larger order for additional stock with LG. Colin told Ausdroid exclusively that this second shipment of stock is expected to hit stores in the first week of March. It’s important to remember that this has all taken place before the device has even gone on sale.

While the retail price of $496 is a bit much to swallow for some customers – it’s $77 above the Play store, taking shipping into account – we’ve already heard from a number of readers that are ready to hand over their money. Bear in mind that the last time Google sold out of the Nexus 4, it was nearly 2 and a half months before they had any more inventory to sell. The safety and satisfaction of having a bricks-and-mortar retailer to rely on if issues arise is also an important factor.

If you’re on the hunt for a Nexus 4 today, it might be best to call your local store to see if they have any stock left before venturing in. If you’re unable to find stock, your local store can take an order for you, or you can order online from the Harvey Norman website.

Thanks Colin for taking the time to speak with us today.

Have you ordered a Nexus 4 from Harvey Norman? Will you place a pre-order for March, or wait for stock to become available in Google Play? Tell us in the comments!

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not officially on the website anymore. While it’s still on list, and LG(1) stock visually available – clicking the link will bring you to “page not found”.

Looks like theyve sold out again – more stock should be arriving soon as per press release however.

Still a better price than MobiCity.


Nexus 16GB back in stock on Play Store today. I think Harvey Norman is going to get in trouble with pricing. It seems that Google has sorted it’s supply issues!


happy go lucky

I got one from Harvey Norman this morning. It was preordered on Monday. The price tag on the box says “$699” although I bought it for $496 as shown on HN website. I’m quite happy with the phone despite the $77 difference: local LG warranty, Australian plug and the best Google can offer on this amazing phone. I can’t wait for 2-3 weeks shipping time from Google Play Store, I’m going overseas in a couple of weeks.


You’re out of your mind..

happy go lucky

I only paid $496 for the phone not $699. I chose Nexus 4 for that price and the phone quality. If I want to splurge I would get (unlocked) Samsung Galaxy III or Iphone 5 for over $600 for a lot of hardware and applications that I won’t be using or benefit from with my current lifestyle. The Nexus 4 comes with manufacturer’s warranty (LG Australia) so I am ok with that.


Totally agree with you! The other reason I bought mine from Harvey’s is to get a valid tax invoice. I’m buying mine through my business and I need to be able to claim the tax back. Once you take that and no shipping charge into account I’m only about $30 worse off. That I can handle as well as not having to wait another 2 – 3 weeks.


$30? Did you buy the 16GB? The price diff with HN is $76 (pick up) and $88 (delivered)
Google also provide a tax invoice, in paper format, that comes inside the delivery box.


I picked up the 16GB. $76 minus the $49.60 I’ll be able to claim back through my business = $26.40 worse off. As for the tax invoice, when I bought my Nexus 7 direct from them I didn’t get one that provided and ABN to claim against and it also didn’t state ‘Tax Invoice’ on it which is required to claim for business. For the sake of $26.40, I personally (and that is the key here, everybody’s situations are different) was happy to pick one up sooner than if I had ordered online through Google and didn’t want to take… Read more »


Called my local Harvey Norman this morning, they tried to tell me it was on sale for $699 until I mentioned the price listed on their site..


It has the latest OS but apart from that it isn’t in anyway outstanding hardware wise compared to the sea of other handsets. Its only big selling point was its market smashing price. But since it’s ‘unobtainium’ the price has gone through the roof.
This seems like mass hysteria.. $699.00??


Umm…how many other handsets have a 4.7″ HD display, 1.5GHz S4 Pro with 2GB RAM and the Adreno 320 GPU for a price that starts with 4. keep trollin.


a) it is unibtainable at any price.

b) retailers are now asking +& probably getting) $700.00

c) the hardware specs are now unremarkable for a 2013 handset


Definitely is madness, but smart madness.
Retailers know that the next price point for a “good 3g/4g phone” is about $700
so they can push people, up to about $600 and get away with it. digusting really. and even more so that people fall for it.
the google phone was made and released by google to be the best and most effective, and cheapest, 3g phone in the market. reatilers are taking people for a ride just to make a buck. this is what got Australian retailers in trouble in the first place – unjustified inflated prices.


hehehe harvey norman


I don’t think the Nexus 4 is worth the price gouging by HN.

A new device will be announced at Google I/O in May making you all look like silly fanbois.

Jason Murray

Where’s the price “gouging”? $496 has about $45 GST in it. Subtract $20 for your shipping from the Play store and you’ve got a price difference of about $30. Plus there’s Google’s rumoured subsidising of the Play store price.

Bear in mind devices like this sell for $800+. Still do. Samsung’s gouging everyone in Australia on the Galaxy Note II.

What’s $30?


Wrong, sir.

AUS $399 from Google Play + $19.95 Postage = $418.95

Harvey Norman – AUS $496 + $9.95 Postage (Postcode Dependant?) = $505.95

Difference with Delivery from Harvey Norman – $86
In Store Pick Up – $76
That’s ALOT of money to 99% of Australians.


There is nothing wrong with business making a profit but price gouging by Harvey Norman is well esyablished fact.

Harvey Norman rated by Credit Suisse most expensive rretailer in Australia :



Chris – for sure. Business = Profit. That’s the whole purpose of good business. I completely understand.

However the dramatic increase in this particular phone, especially with its stock outage (is there limited stock because retailers purchased in bulk) is definitely price gouging.

On that note, mobicity are worse. AUS $569 + $19 standard to anywhere in Australia = $588
That’s a whopping $169 dearer than if it were purchased and delivered by Google.

Interesting fact re Harvey Norman…I never liked em anyway. Always preferred to buy from Dick Smith if anything, or JB HIFI.

dan j

Got mine from harvey Norman this morning. Could be happier


Got mine from harvey norman, called 4 harvey normans before i could find stock. Willing to pay a little extra just in case something goes wrong…and helping the aussie economy lol!


Had one on pre-order but cancelled after I grabbed one from play store yesterday. However, if I wasn’t able to get one from play store yesterday, I would’ve gotten the one from HN.

Had I missed out on both opportunities, I think I would still wait before putting my name down for the next order in March. Its still a month away. Who knows what happens in the play store. Both the 16 and 8GB are still in stock in the US 2 days later.

BTW, the 8GB is still available here in Australia……


No, but I will sell my two Nexus 4 devices for a cheaper price than Harvey Norman.

Sean Royce

You lucky bastard, you have two! Sell me one!