If you managed to snag a 16GB(edit: Or 8GB as well it seems) Nexus 4 on Thursday it’s probably a good idea to check your email. Judging from the influx of tips and comments we’ve received, a large majority of people who managed to procure a device are receiving shipping notifications for their Nexus 4s.

Devices appear to be shipping out of Hong Kong via FedEx as per the previous batch and shipping is certainly a lot faster than the 2-3 Weeks estimated when they resumed sales at 9am on Thursday morning but I don’t think you’ll catch anyone complaining about the swiftness in which Google has managed to get these devices out the door.

If you haven’t received your notification as yet I don’t think it’s time to panic as yet, I’d give it till the beginning of next week before starting to chase up your order with Google.

Update : Thanks to _aero_ we have a notification :

Have you received your shipping notification from Google? Which model did you get 8GB or 16GB?

Thanks: Everyone who commented.
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Ordered mine on the 31st. Still no shipping email, yet friends who ordered on the same day have already received theirs, or are in transit…


I ordered my 16GB Nexus 4 on Feb 2 and havent received a shipping notification yet. Has anyone got anything?


Good to see Google has sorted supply issues. It seems the 16GB model is back in stock on the play store today…..Be quick, because you never know what will happen!


Got mine today 🙂 16GB ordered through Google play store.


Mines in Sydney!!! Shame I’m on the Gold Coast. Will see it Wednesday.


Arrived and updating to 4.2.1 but quite good so far. Very smooth performace just the return button is in the left. See what I can customise but Google for the lucky few got it right this time.


Bought an 8gb at 10:30am on Thursday.
No shipping notifications yet.. Nothing at all.

Dinesh George

Same here nothing for my 8gb.


Me to nothing for my 8gb.


Its on the way now ! 🙂
Expected to arrive by Feb 8th.

David Anderton

while my N4 has been smooth as silk since i got it I’m still pretty dissapionted with a few things… the battery life is very average(I should not have to charge my phone while Im at work if all i use it for is music, playing sudoku and browsing the net on my way to and from work), the lack of USB OTG is complete BS, the app drawer does not autorotate into landscape mode and having to install apps to get custom ringtones…. I knew about not having an SD before buying the phone so I can”t complain to… Read more »


Battery life is good for me, I don’t need to charge at night. Change your launcher and guess what you can autorotate the app drawer.
you know what your issues seem to be lack of understanding and just a need to bitch and moan.

David Anderton

Get F§$ked; your saying because I don’t think I should have to install apps and a new launcher because I think they should be include as stock that makes me a bitch??? Ringtone editor was a stock feature as was USB OTG (by the way how am I supposed to add that?) . seriously some of you guys are sounding more like Apple iSheep everyday.


Wow.. grade A douche alert !… Why be so offensive to a poster trying to help you out… no one called you a bitch, but you sure are acting like one. Grow up.

Jason Murray

Mine are apparently already in Sydney. ^_^


Same here, Alexandria apparently.

Sean Royce

I’m so jealous of you all. I want one badly and I just smashed my S3 screen last night!

Chris (Deputy Editor)

Keep an eye out for our competition soon then.. you can win one.

Sean Royce

Thanks for the heads up 🙂

Sean Royce

Hey chris, is there any way I can contact you via email?

Greg Bell

I got an 8 GB one after the 16 GB ones sold out. Anybody received a shipping notification for an 8 GB yet?


Yes…ordered 9.02 Thu, arriving Monday!

Sebastian Chetcuti



Yep, 16GB. ETA Monday 😀


Yep. Mine has shipped. Will arrive Monday 4th in Sydney. Had to rush to buy screen protectors and cases from eBay! Got the 16gig.


Also now having to get a case and screen protector a lot sooner than expected. What did you settle on, George?

Jason Murray

Gadgets 4 Geeks can sort you out with some cases and screen protectors – Express Post, too!



Stephen Slunsky

thanks, got the legitimate google Bumper and Screen Protecter from HK with the assumption of 2-3 Week Delivery(picked normal shipping) I can pickup from Drummoyne(they have standard and express as well) They also have different accessories – Gagets for Geeks – Good Stuff

Dennis Bareis

I bought mine from Kogan the other day, I don’t know about anyone else but I still haven’t got my email notification from Google that they are back in the store (available). Pretty poor effort.

Andrew Pasiak

Got my notification last night. 16GB model. Will pick it up Monday