Vodafone has given us some news for its patient Galaxy Nexus customers. Finally, you can get Android 4.1.2 for your Galaxy Nexus from Vodafone. There’s lots of new features that — if you’ve used Jelly Bean on other devices — you’ll now be able to use, such as Google Now, together with all the performance improvements such as Project Butter. A number of small bugs and glitches have also been fixed.

The update will be available to customers as a wireless OTA upgrade and the rollout is commencing gradually. You can check Vodafone’s Support Page for the rollout schedule.

Source: Vodafone.
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My Nexus was pretty fast with Jelly Bean, but after the last update became very slow, I think this is the difference from IOS, they just allow updates when they are totally sure that will works fine, I’ve got to find a way to downgrade, which means in hour of work.


Don’t complain about don’t get updates, cause maybe is better! I wish I haven’t get in this last time!


Don’t know what Anthony is complaining about!! Apps open instantly and Widgets swipe instantly with no lag. Very happy so far.

Nick Bryant

The lesson here is NEVER buy a Nexus device through a carrier. If you want it updated promptly without having to flash, the only option is to purchase through Google Play. Even the grey market suppliers tend to be excess overseas carrier stock and have the same issues.


I regret getting the Galaxy Nexus so much. ‘Fastest updates’ my ass. I just got the update then, and as I’d heard, the update turns the phone to crap. It’s insanely slow, app launcher takes 2 seconds to fire up, swiping across widgets is very laggy and battery is draining faster than before. I guess I have to factory reset it and wipe all my data off it. Can’t wait till my contract is up and I get rid of this piece of crap. Had an iphone 3GS before this, never had a single issue with it. Hell, the 3GS… Read more »

Garry Law

Sprint In US has just given their Nexus owners JB 4.2.1. So come on Samsung Australia and Australia Telcos, get your finger out and backside into gear and get the updates out. Why are we only getting JB 4.1.2 for Oz phones? Obviously Australian companies have forgotten what customer service is.

James Jones

I just got 4.1.2 for my S3 from optus! glad i didnt waste my time with the Nexus


Ha im on 4.1.2 on my nexus. U seem a little confused


sorry that should read 4.2.1 damn dyslexia

Johnny Anon

I thought, oh, they’re on the same version as me now! Hang on…I have 4.2.1…How bad is that? How far behind are carriers?!

Paul Walker

Its disgraceful how long this update has taken for a Nexus device!

Greg McPherson

Hang on, that’s 4.1…. seriously, learn to flash your Gnex.

Damon Lewis

The Galaxy Nexus has been a massive cluster f. for software updates.