HTC Playstation Mobile
It’s been a while since we heard anything with regards to the Playstation Mobile certification of HTC phones, but HTC has updated their blog with a special deal for HTC Phone owners offering them the chance to download selected Playstation Mobile games through the month of February.

To be able to get the games you’ll have to own a HTC Mobile phone running Sense 4+, have the PlayStation Mobile for Android App installed and have a valid Sony Entertainment Network account setup.

New games will be available every Wednesday throughout the month of February but this week you can get Cubixx.
Cubixx is a 20 level action-puzzle game based on the game Qix. I don’t have a HTC phone to test this out but it doesn’t seem like a bad deal, hey it doesn’t get better than free right? Check it out and let us know in the comments what you think and we’ll see what they have tomorrow.

Source: HTC.
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Where are the ps one games? I can’t see any.