Nexus 10
The Samsung built Nexus 10 has been listed as ‘Temporarily out of stock’ on the Play Store for an extended amount of time -November 13 for the 32GB version and December 6th for the 16GB version, leaving many in search of the tablet described by Jean-Baptiste Queru the Gatekeeper of AOSP as ‘the perfect platform for AOSP work going forward’ at a loss as to where to purchase it. Well, it appears that Kogan have just started listing both the 16GB and the 32GB Nexus 10 on their online store.

The 16GB version will set you back $499 + $19 Delivery while the 32GB version will cost you $599 + $19 delivery both have a small premium over the Play Store pricing which has the 16GB listed at $469 + $19.99 delivery and the 32GB version listed at $569 + $19.99 delivery. This is actually a pretty reasonable premium considering the extended length of time that Google has had the Nexus 10 listed as out of stock and with no indications that stock will be returning any time soon, this is a pretty good option to get your hands on a Nexus 10.

Thanks: Avon.
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Andrew Palozzo

I’m enjoying my nexus 10.. but I think one thing that’s been avoided by the mainstream media is the random reboots on this device.

It seems pretty widespread too. Always at the top of the sub-reddit Nexus 10 page.

Sean Royce

Hopefully a future software update can fix the problem

Daniel Tyson

Yep, 100% agree with you on the random reboots and they seem to have gotten worse in the last couple of weeks. I just cleaned mine off freeing up space to see if that helps at all.

Andrew Palozzo

Yeah.. It’s so random and it seems to effect everyone. More annoying though it hasn’t been acknowledged by google. I’m really hoping a software update fixes these issues..

Allister Roger

Yes thanks for mentioning this, also get this on Nexus 7 so its definitely Jelly bean. The freezes are also annoying and can’t put my finger on whats causing it. Still love both devices. NEED SOME NEXUS 10 ACCESSORIES since Amazon won’t deliver a case.