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In the ongoing story of Nexus 4 availability on the Play Store, it looks like the Nexus 4 16gb model is back in stock as of this afternoon. The above screenshot was just recently taken, so for now, you can satisfy your Nexus 4 lust online. Of course, Harvey Norman is now selling the Nexus 4 as well, and as LG told the press a little while back, the stock issues should lift come February, and we’re now seeing that this is coming to pass.

While Ausdroid will probably stop following the changes in Nexus 4 availability from here on in, it’s good to see that stock availability is starting to flatten out a little, with more steady stock now available. All this for a handset that is now getting on to three months old, and surely will drop out of vogue as new things appear out of the US this coming convention season.

Of course, if buying a Nexus 4 isn’t your thing, you can try your luck at winning one in our Foundation raffle.

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Hari Halvorsen

I ordered on 5th Feb too and no update on delivery. At the time the Play store said 2-3 weeks.. Frustrating when you hear others got their phones in a matter of days!

Trent Hill

When I ordered mine on 5/2/2013 I was advised that the estimated shipping date was 22/2/2013. But it arrived on 8/2/2013. So I suspect there’s a lot of ass covering involved in these times.


Sounds like a good story. No biggie cuz I have a spare phone to use and will never pay any Australian retailer for a crazy inflated price.

Matt Lew

Was yours for a 8GB or 16GB? That may have been a factor in the quicker shipping too.


false advertising. ordered mine as it said “ships 1-2 weeks” on the page itself

after putting my order through, i logged back into google wallet and it said “3-4 weeks”

emailed google and said to follow what the wallet says, not the website! really?

ETA march 10th….to be SHIPPED.

Michael Neuling

The bumper is still out of stock… *sigh*


I have the bumper and it is great except it get in the way of the mic and people have trouble hearing me. Is there a solution?


Sure hope my brother got one. Still undecided on it myself :S