Nexus 4 - QI Charger
The Nexus 4 Wireless Charger that was first teased when thephone was first launched back in November has finally appeared as an accessory on Google Play. Although the orb is now on the Australian Google Play site you still cannot place an order for it with the status listed as ‘This device is not for sale at this time’. In the US the story is a little different where they are able to place an order for up to five of the devices at $59.99 each and presumably a $19.99 shipping fee similar to what is imposed on the Nexus devices and the Nexus 4 Bumper here.

The listing for the Orb describes it as a QI inductive charger with an angled surface that provides easy visibility of your phone while charging, with no ‘clunky’ add-ons required for the wireless charging. Technical specs are a 5V DC/1.8A in and 5V DC/ 1.0A out with a total charging time of 4 hours. A slight discrepancy in the output voltage with the standard wall charger supplied with the Nexus 4 which outputs 5V DC/1.2A.

Whilst not available to order yet it’s a good sign that this has gone on sale elsewhere and hopefully it should be avaialable for sale here in Australia shortly.

Will you purchase a Nexus 4 Wireless Charger

Source: Google Play.
Via: AndroidCentral.
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Elliot Kotis

This is getting annoying.


Yeah i too am waiting for a car charging one. But i will buy this anyway.


YES I WILL BUY IT!!!!! Why can’t we do pre orders? Happy to put some money down for it… looks awesome!

Scott Plowman

unfortunately “Not available in your country” 🙁 I have a new one from gadgets 4 geeks which works really well.

David Anderton

I’m waiting for a car cradle version!


It’s come up as not available in your country for me 🙁 :(. Say it ain’t so!

Geoff Fieldew

Yes. Hopefully future Nexii will be able to use it. Makes the investment more worthwhile.

Alex Baldwin

Love the design! Kind of like they took the Nexus Q and chopped it in half.

Stephen Crisafulli

I’ll be ordering one. Wireless charging is the best, don’t understand why it has taken this long to be a thing.

Sean Royce

Because it’d be good to be able to use your phone from a good distance while it charges, although this is still sufficient. It’s not super practical right now, just my thoughts though.

i might get one if its cheep enough and i can ship it in the one order with my n4. but it says the charging plug is only for America and Canada. its a bit of a put off.

Graham Bae

It’d be nice to have the official accessory, but the price is obviously a huge factor. I’d like to have a dual charger that can juice up both mine and my wife’s phones.


While i really like the look and idea of the charger there is no way i can said to my better that im spending $70-80 on a charger that i dont really need as we already have 5 normal chargers