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On Friday James wrote an article about an update to Falcon Pro that added a DashClock extension and now Press – the Google Reader client – has begun offering this integration with DashClock as well.

As James previously mentioned, DashClock is an open-source lockscreen widget that shows unread text messages, emails, missed phone calls, and the weather, as well as supporting additional content through extensions. I have been running this on my Galaxy Nexus for a couple of days now and thought it looked great and provided me with enough information out of the box.

With the addition of a Falcon Pro extension and now a Press extension, this lockscreen widget is becoming more useful for those people that use these applications. I have been trying a few different news readers in the last couple of weeks and have just recently installed Press. It quickly became my favourite Google Reader client with a great UI that is clean and efficient. All you need to do is update Press and it will automatically appear in DashClock’s settings.

DashClock seems to be gaining a lot of momentum at the moment and I look forward to seeing how many other applications will also start adding extensions for us to place on our lockscreen.

[pb-app-list pnames=’,net.nurik.roman.dashclock’ title=’Press and DashClock’ author=’Ausdroid’ lang=’en’ width=’auto’]

Source: Google Play.
Via: Android Central.
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    The app TV Show Favs just updated their app to use DashDock. That’s going to be convenient. 🙂

    Amazing how all these dev are starting to make use of this. Really good too. Needed something like this!