First released as a Beta back in October last year, Swiftkey Flow has now gone live in Google Play updating the Phone and Tablet keyboard apps currently in the store. As a celebration of the launch Swiftkey has dropped the price on both the Phone and Tablet versions of Swiftkey down to $1.99 from their normal price of $3.99.

The exit from Beta to full release also sees a few new features added from improved prediciton when typing through to new language support being added with Swiftkey now supporting Albanian, Bosnian, Javanese, Sundanese, Thai, and Vietnamese bringing the total number of languages supported to 60. The other new feature is the introduction of Flow Through Space a new feature which allows you to glide down to the space bar between words whilst using the flow typing function, the new feature enables you to write entire sentences as you go. Check out the Swiftkey – Flow Through Space video

I love Swiftkey and use it as my number one choice for keyboard across all my devices, which brings me to my list of requests for Swiftkey – the first is for easy cross device sync of dictionaries, the second request I have is for Emoji support, not something terribly useful but something that makes using a SmartPhone infinitely more fun. Both the Phone and Tablet versions of Swiftkey have trial versions available in Google Play and you should definitely check them out if you haven’t already

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    Barry Williams

    It appears they removed the English AU dictionary that was in the beta


    Besides the hype, I don’t see a whole lot of advantage of this over Kii Keyboard. Kii is still beta but is already a very polished keyboard. And it is free (at this stage)

    Almost French

    Why do they sell different version for phone and tablet? I don’t want to pay twice for the same app to use in my phone and tablet. Greedy developer.
    Stock Samsung keyboard on S3 works very well (does exactly what Swiftkey Flow does), and it’s free.


    Have they removed the incredibly annoying and barely useful “.com” button that takes up half the space bar when typing in a url? One would hope so after the number of complaints I’ve read.

    that guy

    SwiftKey tablet no longer supports Nexus 7 3G in this update :(. Hopefully a fix will be delivered shortly.


    Empty Google Play app data/cache in settings.

    that guy

    Cheers, all sorted now.

    Martin Leonard

    I have bought both versions of SwiftKey but the play store says I have to pay for the new version so it’s not an upgrade!

    Daniel Tyson

    Mine upgraded fine on Tablet and Phone. Not sure what’s happening.

    Graham Bae

    That definitely shouldn’t be the case. It should be an upgrade to your existing app.