Tuesday , September 26 2017

New Google Glass Promo – “How it Feels Through Glass”

Google has just uploaded a new video showing off the capabilities of Google Glass, from taking pictures and videos with voice commands to finding out how to say things in Thai. The video also shows that it’s completely indestructible and will never fall off.  Ever.

We’re all looking forward to seeing what Google can achieve with this project, and if it works half as well as it does in the videos, it could really change a lot. Google Glass should really come with a disclaimer though, saying ‘interesting life sold separately’, because we all know that it’s really just going to be used to take videos of people’s lunch.


Graham Bae  

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Valued Guest

what if I am already wearing my specs / glassess? how can i use this? please dont tell me to get contacts =p

Valued Guest

There’s a clip on version in some of the photos. I would pay to get lasik to be able to wear these though.

Valued Guest

When these are released to the general public I would put my money down in a heart beat, even at $1,500.

Daniel Tyson
Ausdroid Manager

When they announced they were looking for more people to get the Google Glass Explorers I had my CC out ready to buy, this looks insanely awesome even at $1500. Sadly the US Only limitation is pretty much a huge downer.


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