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Well our Nexus 4 raffle was a huge success, with 320 entries received. With your help, we raised over $1600 for the Ausdroid Foundation, which is a fantastic result.

To make things a little more exciting, we decided to throw in two runner up prizes, two KidRobot Simpsons figurines, which we announced on our social media channels a couple of days ago.

So without further ado, let’s get into it. We wrote out raffle tickets for each eligible entrant, and placed them in a giant bowl, which was shaken for a while to make sure everything was nice and mixed. A spot of quality control ensured that no ‘clumps’ of tickets existed, and that there was a nice random mix in the bowl. We then drew three tickets from the bowl, after a good rummage around to make sure everything was mixed further.

In order drawn:

  1. Ticket D 36, in the name of Minh-Tam Nguyen, of the Australian Capital Territory, wins a brand new Nexus 4;
  2. Ticket E 18, in the name of Thai Nguyen, of Victoria, wins a KidRobot Simpsons Figurine; and
  3. Ticket E 79, in the name of Jonathan Villaret, of New South Wales, wins a KidRobot Simpsons Figurine.

Congratulations guys! We’ll be contacting our prize winners today to make sure they know they’ve won.

A big thank you from myself, the team at Ausdroid, and the Foundation team as well. We want to extend an extra special thanks to those of you who donated $50 or more. Thai, Sam, John, Zarif, Gavin and Johnny .. thanks so much guys. While you couldn’t all win a prize, the Foundation is working on a way to recognise your contribution in a different way. We’ll be in touch.

We look forward to doing more competitions like this in future, but of course, we will continue to have free competitions and giveaways as well to keep it fair and accessible to everyone!

Chris Rowland   Director / Editor (Ex-Officio)

Chris has been at the forefront of smartphone reporting in Australia since smartphones were a thing, and has used mobile phones since they came with giant lead-acid batteries that were "transportable" and were carried in a shoulder bag.

Today, Chris publishes one of Australia's most popular technology websites, Ausdroid. His interests include mobile (of course), as well as connected technology and how it can make all our lives easier.

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Thank you very much! I got Milhouse 😀

Ausdroid Reader

Well done on raising over $1600 guys!


Thanks 😀


but.. but.. I was supposed to win it!!!

oh well, a great idea and well executed by the Ausdroid team. Well done on raising the funds and looking forward to hear how it makes a difference.

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