Nexus 4 - QI Charger
This afternoon it appears that Google has for some reason removed the Nexus 4 Wireless charging orb from the Australian Google Play Store. When the wireless charging orb first appeared on the Google Play Store 10 days ago it came with a status of ‘This device is not for sale at this time’, later that day it then changed status to ‘Not available in your country’ and now apparently it has been completely removed.

I spoke with Google and asked them if there was any reason they could provide behind the removal and if there was any chance that we could see the orb returned to the Play Store and perhaps sold and they replied :

We’re always interested in making our products and services widely available, but we have nothing to announce at this time.

Calls to Googles customer support line also resulted in no further information other than that the orb is currently not being offered for sale in Australia at this time.

Unfortunately, this is about what we expect with regards to updates on stock, Google tends to just update the store when stock is available. I personally really want one but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Were you wanting to purchase the Nexus 4 wireless charging orb?

Thanks: Brian.
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Yeah really want one for my nexus 4..PS in love with the phone lol…there selling them on eBay if you want too spend about $120.I was very tempted but chose to wait seeing how these Americans are selling them at a ridiculous price knowing that someone in aus desperate enough will buy it..but nahh I ain’t paying double the price..

Richard Johnson

You can buy the US version via a third party site and have them sent to Australia. It costs more and you have to use a different plug pack. But it can be done. It comes down to how bad you want it.


I’m a big fan of Google in general, but the complete lack of information, everything is a secret and sorry but you can’t have , its just annoying and not very customer focused at all. Makes me a sad panda

David Anderton

Nope I’m waiting for a car charger!

David Anderton

unfortunately its not wireless the main reason I want one is so I can keep the case on.

Sandy Edgar

I would have thought Qi charging would work best if universal? What’s the point of creating the consortium if they are going to be proprietary on the bases?

Mark Smith

I’ll buy two in a heartbeat if they offer them in Australia.


If google want to compete with apple, they really need to pull their collective fingers out in Australia. Their stock availability and releases over here are a joke. Today I open a new tab in chrome to see a nice new message ‘chromebook, for everyone’, that statement really pi$$es me off, because they’re not for everyone at all.. It should say ‘for everyone in us & uk’! I’ll stick with google mail, but as far as android and google products go, I’m done with them while we get treated like crap.


I don’t understand why if they can ship a Nexus from Hong Kong, why can’t they ship a Chromebook…


Unfortunately I’m with you.

Time and time again they prove that they are not up to the job.
I’ve been hanging on by my fingernails up to now but the decision to go elsewhere is becoming easier & easier everyday.

They really badly need to hire some top exec’s very soon who have a clue what they are about or lose all credibility.

Stephen Crisafulli

Why dose google hate us. It not like they even need to supply an AC charger it’ll work of a usb port.


Yes I was.


take a leaf out of apples book google.


yes :'(


Hmmm… my friend recently received his Nexus 4 from the Play Store and I have a HP Touchpad inductive charging dock. I really want to see if it will charge the phone!

Daniel Tyson

Unfortunately it won’t. I’ve already tried it with the Touchpad inductive charger and the Palm Touchstone. 🙁


nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 🙁


You can buy a regular Qi wireless charging pad off eBay to charge the Nexus 4, that’s what I did, picked one up for $30 or so until the orb is available. 🙂