Following the recent news regarding Falcon Pro hitting Twitter’s 100,000 user token limit, developer Joaquim Vergès has announced that he’s releasing a new version – 1.6.7 – of the app to the Google Play store which will use a new application ID.

You’ll have to log in to Twitter again once the app is updated, though given that Google Play reported under 50,000 active installs of the app when the limit was reached, there should be enough tokens available for all current paid users.

After updating, you’ll see the above message, informing you that you need to log in again to renew your user token. New users will be able to log in as soon as the update goes live, though Joaquim is unsure how many tokens will be available for all of the current active users to re-login as well owing to users with multiple accounts & devices.

With the 1.6.7 update, Joaquim will also set the price for Falcon Pro at 1.49€ ($1.90 AUD), hoping that this will slow the approach to the user token cap for the second time. Falcon Pro’s initial price of $0.99 on the Play Store was intended to discourage piracy, an effort that seems to have been unsuccessful given the discrepancy between reported sales and available Twitter user tokens. The app is currently priced at around $130 in an effort to discourage new purchases while the token issues was sorted out.

The new version is now available in the Play Store.


Tell us in the comments: Have you purchased Falcon Pro in spite of these authentication issues? Will you still use it after the update?

Source: https://twitter.com/falcon_android.
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    Seriously with the piracy angle? I bought it once, used five accounts across two devices and a reinstall, that’s fifteen tokens.

    Surely I’m not the only one that used it on multiple devices? Am I missing something?

    James Finnigan

    I’m pretty sure that it only uses one token per account, irrespective of the number of devices.

    Graham Bae

    That’s a big discount from $128.54!


    I tried it out when it came out then went back to plume.


    Thats the idea of resetting the tokens, people like you who are not using it, can be free’d up to allow new people to use it.