Machinarium is one of my all time favourite games on Android and I loved playing it on my old Acer A200.

For those of you that haven’t experienced Machinarium, you play as a cute little robot exploring the steam punk world around you. There is no introduction to the game, so to begin with, you know nothing about the back story or your relationship to the world. As you wander through the world you will need to hunt for hidden items and solve mini games to unlock more areas to explore.

The graphics are fantastic and the more you play, the more you grow attached to the main character. The story has been written really well and it is a joy to play.

However since upgrading to the Nexus 10 I have found the game to be unplayable. The game would load but ran at an extremely slow pace and it seems like Nexus 7 users were in the same situation.

The latest update seems to have fixed this issue for one group of users, but unfortunately for me it isn’t those using the Nexus 10. If you do own a Nexus 7 though, I would suggest heading over to the Play Store and grabbing a copy. It isn’t the cheapest game around but it is a lot of fun and quite challenging.

Hopefully we will see support for the Nexus 10 in the near future.


Source: Google Play.
Via: Android Police.
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Sandy Edgar

Can’t seem to find it on Play. Why is that?


can’t find it on the play store 🙁


I did a quick search and couldn’t find it using the search in the Play Store

Google still knows where it is.

Try this link


Has anyone else noticed the game isn’t in the play store anymore? The link in the article and on their website is broken. All apps for Hothead Games doesn’t show the app.

Dylan Xavier

nexus 10 huh? that device is real? i Thought it existed only in fantasy land.

Daniel Clutterbuck

Nexus 10 support is easy. Enable developer options in android and then choose force 4x msaa. Voila! Problem solved. I haven’t updated to the newest version of the game though as comments on the play store are saying its fine from full screen to postage stamp sized


Yes, discovered that little trick after installing the new version.