Google has released a new Chrome Experiment called Super Sync Sports that lets you use your phone to control the action in a game in Chrome on your desktop. It’s an experience similar to some Flash-based proof-of-concepts seen a couple of years ago.

I applaud them for giving something novel a go. Super Sync sports is a great way to kill 10 minutes of your life before moving on and never looking back.

I’ve tried it out briefly and like the concept, but I hope that’s all it is at this point in time – a proof of concept! It provided a few quick chuckles at my work before we quickly tired of the games and actually got back to work.

The idea is to turn your mobile phone into a controller for games running on your PC through the chrome browser (running on both your Android device and your PC) synced together, hence the name: Super Sync Sports. It’s pretty simple to get going: start the game in your desktop browser, and you get a link to follow on your Android device. Enter the code from your desktop browser into Chrome on your Android device, and voila – we have sync!

You can run, cycle or swim. The controls are very basic, using swipe gestures or circlular movements on your phone to make your character do their thing.

It’s free and you can play multiplayer!

You’ll never get those 10 minutes of your life back, but it’s kinda worth it for the laughs.

Give it a bash – it’s fun! Don’t expect this to become a mainstay on your gaming calendar until some further development is done on the concept. There was a little lag in the controls, but it didn’t ruin the experience. Hopefully Google can work on that and turn it into a more viable and consistent platform.

Source: Super Sync Sports.
Via: Engadget.
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I love it! Don’t judge :’)