Google has ended their #IfIHadGlass promotion which allowed US residents to apply via social media to be allowed to purchase a Google Glass Explorer edition. The promotion has brought a lot of interesting ideas about from people who could add great value to the new wearable technology, from sports apps to Belly Dancing, rock climbing and just generally capturing the moment the campaign has certainly had a large amount of entries, a lot of which you can see over on the Project Glass Google+ page.

With the end of the promotion, Google has promised to keep you informed about Project Glass. Google has opened up a form on their Google Glass product page where you can enter your details. The signup page includes a field that asks for your country, so Google is obviously trying to gather metrics on which markets have the most amount of people interested in the product.

In terms of regional availability, there has been some pushback on the #IfIHadGlass campaign which saw entries limited to people residing in the US. The Project Glass team did address those concerns in a post on the 21st of February :

To all of our fans living outside the US: thanks for talking to us, and we hear you. We know some of you are frustrated that you can’t apply for the Glass Explorer Program, and we’re sorry. We have some logistical and regulatory limitations right now, but we hope to make Glass more widely available in the future.

Google Glass has certainly captured the imagination of even people who generally don’t have much interest in technology, I’ve actually been asked to explain what it was to a few people recently. I for one cannot wait to try it out and we don’t really have that long to wait with the product expected on-sale by the end of the year for under the $1500 price that is being charged to early adopters. Make sure you head over and sign up for all the latest info and of course let Google know that Australians are definitely interested in Google Glass.

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    Graham Bae

    “If I had Glass, I’d do the exact same things they show in the Glass ads”.