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The Nexus 10 has been out on the market for just over three months and in that time we have seen precisely zero official accessories made available to owners either by the manufacturer (Samsung), or the seller (Google). Queries to Google regarding accessories are met with silence, so owners such as myself are left to investigate the third party manufacturers.

GizmoCentral currently supply the Nexus 10 Smart Cover 360 Rotation Case Stand. The case is made from PU leather (also known as bicast leather) – a split layer of leather with polyurethane applied to the surface and then embossed over. It’s available in a range of 6 colours – White, Brown, Blue, Red, Black and Pink – for $19.95 + postage (up to $10).

The case offers the Smart Function of other well known cases – which is to say, there is a magnet in the front cover that will automatically turn the screen off when you close it. There is a circular swivel on the back and an elastic strap allowing you to ensure the front cover stays closed when you’re not using it.

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In practice, the Nexus 10 fits nicely into the case. There’s a strap which folds over the top of the tablet, and a leather flap secures it with velcro so the tablet feels quite secure in the sleeve. There are access holes in the case allowing you to access all the ports, buttons and charging points on the Nexus 10 without difficulty. You will likely need to remove the cover if/when Google ever releases a dock for the tablet.

The swivel mount allows you to position the tablet in portrait or landscape. Even though the case allows the tablet to be mounted in a portrait orientation I rarely use the Nexus 10 this way, but it’s handy on the occasions when it is required.

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The case has 3 anti-slip straps on the front cover to allow you to adjust the angle when using the case as a stand. These 3 straps are useful, although I found I rarely used one of them. The middle strap was the best positioned for use in portrait, while the innermost strap worked best for landscape. I did find there was some slipping where the case did not quite get into the groove without a little help, but overall it’s a pretty good system after a few minor adjustments.

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The PU Leather feels OK for the price – if you really want more, you can look at high-end cases which will definitely cost you a lot more.

Whilst I didn’t take to the case with a knife, I felt quite secure leaving the Nexus 10 in the case knowing there would be a good strong barrier between it and any unforseen accidents. The material actually feels quite hardy and protects the device well enough – a well-known advantage of PU leather.

Overall the cover from is decent for what it is, and would be a good purchase for someone looking for good protection whilst also giving the ability to stand their tablet in portrait or landscape.

The Smart Cover 360 Rotation Case is available to purchase for $19.95 plus shipping from GizmoCentral.

Are you considering this case, or do you have recommendations of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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Tony McHugh

Lads get one of the poetic slimline cases. Closest to the apple cases and great quality. Got mine via Amazon for less than $45 delivered


Yea, nah..not a fan of covers that hide the frame and device too much. I actually got the “Poetic(TM) SLIMLINE Portfolio High-Quality Case for Google Nexus 10” from ebay in black. Comes with other colours as well. Magnetic smart-cover with wake-lock function. Slim snap-on back which really accents the Nexus 10 shape. Textured leather finish feels really good and the folding cover is weighty, not flimsy feeling like the cheapies. It’s a US-based seller, and funnily (though no surprise) the shipping actually costs a little more than the actual product itself! Still, highly recommended! Here’s the link to the one… Read more »


What’s the point of a cover if you can’t order the tablet in the first place.


You’re a tablet


And your response was just plain stupid.


Lol – was going to say the same thing too.

But there are alternatives place to order them such as DWI and Kogan. DWI had a promotion a few days ago where the price of the Nexus 10 was cheaper than ordering it from the Play store and that included delivery as well


I really don’t like covers that cover the front edges of the device. I find it difficult to swipe from the edges of the screen. I got this one from ebay http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/370745113017?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649
Although it doesn’t swivel, you can get ones similar that do. I’m not really happy with any of the cases around at the moment but since there has been no mention of an official case, this will do for now.


I got one for my Nexus 7 from them , real happy, leave it in there all time.


I got mine from http://www.mytabletcase.com


How necessary is a cover for a tablet if you’re mainly going to use it round the house?

Jason Lockart

I wish there were some actual nice accessories. Keyboard stand pls.