In the first of what is sure to be dozens of rumors surrounding the upcoming release of the Galaxy SIV on March 14th, information is coming to light of two colours and three storage capacities giving us six variations on the device.

  1. White 16gb
  2. White 32gb
  3. White 64gb
  4. Black 16gb
  5. Black 32gb
  6. Black 64gb

The expectation is that (like the Galaxy SIII) the SIV will sport a Micro SD slot which allows users to upgrade the storage on their device. Based on experience, if you decide to go with a low capacity phone and add a storage card: don’t scrooge on price, get a class 10 card!

We will as usual, keep the information and rumours coming in the lead up to the New York event.
What do you want to see from the new Galaxy SIV? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: SamMobile.
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    vijay alapati

    Cool news, now make a post that sgs4 will come with microusb port.

    Sean Royce

    Just like the other galaxy models, what’s the deal?

    Piers Porter

    My understanding is that the high-speed sustained transfer rate of a class 10 is offset by the slower random access speed than you might otherwise get in a lower class Micro-SD. So a class 4 may actually be both cheaper and faster than a class 10 if you use it for apps and data, but slower for copying files or taking photos. There’s a discussion about this on Slashdot: http://hardware.slashdot.org/story/13/02/23/2249239/is-it-worth-paying-extra-for-fast-sd-cards


    I wonder if apple will sue due to Samsung having the same storage sizes and colours?

    No One

    With every launch Samsung always say that their device will come with 16/32/64GB but in reality only 1 variant is available, the 16GB.

    Jerry Kim

    You can always find 32GB Galaxy III in Samsung Experience store in Sydney
    and not many people want 64GB one based on the fact that they can simply add up to 64GB SD card whenever they want

    No One

    Yes 32GB variant release after almost a year from the launch date and only out right at Samsung Store, how convenience? And getting SD 64GB is not the point, the point is don’t make announcement that device is going to have 16/32/64gb when there is only 16GB actually released.


    I got the 32gb s3 from vodafone barely a month after the s3 launched. now they don’t sell the 32gb for some reason.

    Jerry Kim

    Because there are not much demand for 32GB and 64GB. Samsung did make all variants and they are availble but not everywhere. For example, Kogan sells 32GB and 64GB iphone always while only 16GB for GS3. Do you think this is because Apple is great company? No not at all. You have no option with iphone. That’s why However, if you don’t need more than 80GB on your smartphone, you don’t actally need to buy 32GB GS3 because not only you can save $$ and but can you have more storage with SD card not to mention most of people… Read more »