With the launch of the Galaxy S IV fast approaching, it appears that the leaks regarding the Galaxy S IV are coming thick and fast. The New York times is reporting that the Samsung Galaxy S IV, like it’s predecessor will again be heavy on software features.

A Samsung employee has advised that one of the new features being launched on their latest flagship is ‘Eye Scrolling’ which will track the users eye to determine when a user has reached the bottom of a page and then automatically scroll down to reveal more text. Whilst the source did not explain exactly how the ‘Eye Scroll’ function would work it would most likely be similar to the Smart Stay feature which came with the Galaxy S III which uses the front facing camera.

The Eye Scroll feature may be joined by another feature called ‘Eye Pause’ which has been trademarked by Samsung, however no details were listed when the trademark was applied for.

No matter what, the Samsung Unpacked 4 event next Friday is going to be a big day with a lot of new features announced and hopefully great hardware as well. We’ll be watching it live on the Samsung Mobile Youtube channel.

Let us know what you think – Eye Scrolling, creepy or another innovative feature?

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Great idea, looking forward to seeing what the implementation is like.


Love the fact that post-court case, Samsung is making products with “Eye” infront of them…kinda like having “i” infront 😉
I can only hope its a jab at Apple

George Lu

smart stay doesn’t work for me. Let’s see how this would work.


Me too. It detects me more when it’s facing me and I’m watching TV.


I’m skeptical gotta say!


For it to accurately detect the movement of your eye it must have a pretty good front facing camera.

Sean Royce