Every now and then we spot a bargain on apps that transcends the Daily App Sales posts, and we thought we’d bring you this one. Humble Bundle is in its fifth version, and includes up to six great Android titles for one low price.

The idea is that you pay whatever you think is reasonable, and you receive these four apps:

  • Beat Hazard Ultra, a musically powered arcade shooter
  • Dynamite Jack, a 2-D stealth action game
  • Solar 2
  • NightSky HD, a physics puzzler

However, if you choose to pay MORE than the average price (at the moment around $5 USD), you also get Super Hexagon and Dungeon Defenders. Bear in mind, though, that as time goes on, the average price is going to increase and thus the full six app package will become more expensive.

There’s also a bit of a bonus — you can opt for some of your purchase price to be donated by Humble Bundle to a US charity, currently Electronic Frontiers Foundation or the Child’s Play Charity, which helps to bring technology and games to sick kids in hospital.

To date, Humble Bundle has donated more than $10m to charity, so that’s a pretty damned good reason to get involved if these apps tickle your fancy.

Source: Humble Bundle.
Via: Android Central.