Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader has recently been updated with a few small enhancements that you might be interested in.

  • Sync last position via
  • Go To Page
  • Previous Location
  • Smart Zoom
  • Night Mode
  • Screen Brightness Lock
  • Undo in Freehand Annotation tool
  • Google Cloud Print
  • FormsCentral PDF Validation
  • Various Bug fixes in Form handling

One feature I’m particularly interested in is night mode. I tend to do a lot of reading of agenda papers and minutes late at night, so having the option to use night mode will help to keep me in the good books with my wife while she is trying to sleep.

However, I’m not so happy about the general performance of the app. It’s sluggish. Every time I open it, it seems to take ages to actually load a document – since the update, this seems to have gotten worse. I also found that the scrolling performance is horrible, and is made even worse when switching to night mode. These performance issues might be specific to me and my devices, but they’re bad enough for me to start looking for an alternative PDF reader.

Are you using Adobe Reader, or a different app? Has this been a good update for you, or are you experiencing the same performance issues? Let us know in the comments.


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    Frank Benign

    One of the reasons I bought an iPad 4 instead of a Nexus 10 was the great PDF performance.


    I’m on galaxy S2 and can scroll and zoom fluidly through an 80mb thousand page pdf, picture on just about every page, without any trouble at all. Was using apv reader for the night mode but no need now. At least on the s2 Adobe reader is friggin awesome.

    Mitchell Smith

    I find it cannot handle larger PDFs at all. Once I get past about page 30 or so, it can take anywhere up to 10s+ for the next page to load. This just grows exponentially so with the 500+ page documents I frequently read on my tablet, this is unacceptable. Like James above me, I use qPDF for my reading work, as it loads documents quickly, and without the bloat. My other fallback is to iAnnotate, when I need to do serious work in PDFs. While it is still “bloated”, it has tabs (an absolute godsend), and allows for pretty… Read more »

    James Finnigan

    I use qPDF. It’s simple, fast and holo-styled. I’ve always known Adobe Reader as a bloated death-trap (based on its performance on Windows), and so have avoided it at all costs. It seems like it’s no better on Android.


    Using a 7.85MB 110 page pdf directly from Dropbox, I found it to be quite good at rendering, day or night mode, scrolling around seems good as well, I recently swapped to Foxit PDF Lite as Adobe reader would often freeze when trying to open a pdf from Astro/K-9 mail/Dropbox, but time will tell if this is better with the new update! – Galaxy Note II – Factory Rom with Root


    I noticed that they updated it again so I thought I would give it another go and everything seems to be running smoothly now. I also flashed cm10.1 on my Nexus 10 so I cannot say if it is related to the app or the ROM, but I am now very happy.