Registrations open for Google IO on March 13th at 7AM PT – March 14 at 1AM Australian Eastern Time. From the initial announcement, we know that you’ll need a Google+ Account which you will need to be logged into when purchasing a ticket and to complete the transaction you’ll need a Google Wallet account capable of covering the $900 – General admission or $300 – Academic admission price of the conference. The registration page for Google IO has just been updated with some further information you’ll need if you’re thinking of going.

There is now an FAQ Page which lists how to prepare to purchase a ticket but also lists the information you really will need such as what qualifies for an Academic admission, Press attendance as well as a new feature to IO : Child Care.

If you’re lucky enough to have attended at least 5 previous Google events – Google I/O 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and the 2007 Google Developer Day in Mountain View – you will get an exclusive pre-sale window to purchase a ticket. If you have not, you will then be in with a chance when ticket sales open, however, tickets last year sold out within 25 minutes, so be ready.

Now, the cool stuff. In true Google style the IO Logo on the Google IO event page has been turned into a code generator, with combinations of I and O bringing up varying results. There are a few interesting combos which link you to mini-games like : IIOIOOII – which links to a Simon Says game based on the classic 80’s toy. Within the team we’ve found quite a few, but let us know in the comments which ones you’ve found.

Personal note, Google – indeed, anyone interested in paying for me to go – if you’re reading : My bags are packed, Passport is ready, I have leave from work. Call me!

Source: Google IO 2013.
Via: Google Developers.
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    Elton van Maanen


    Jesse Kinross-Smith

    Interestingly.. 10001000 doesn’t work on Firefox, but does work in Chrome 🙂

    Jesse Kinross-Smith

    00111001 – Burger
    00101010 – Space
    01000101 – rocket
    01010011 – eightbit
    01111111 – ascii
    10010000 – bacon
    10000001 – pong
    11010011 – simone
    11100111 – cat