Telstra’s 2013 NRL Live app has been released to the Google Play store, just in time for tonight’s season kickoff. The app was developed by Australian software house Outware Mobile and published by TelstraMedia on both iOS and Android, following Telstra’s $100 million NRL rights deal signed late last year.

It’s a free download, and if you’re not concerned with watching live games then you’ll be happy with the basic features:

  • LIVE Scores and Stats
  • Match Highlight and Match Replay Videos
  • 2013 NRL Telstra Premiership draw
  • Match & broadcast details
  • News, Pre and Post Game Reports
  • 2013 Ladder

However, a Monthly or Annual Pass – in-app purchases – will unlock live video streams, including the Finals series and the Grand Final if you have a valid pass at the time the finals are played. Passes are available as recurring Google Play subscriptions for $14.99/month or $89.99/year. Pass holders get:

  • Video streams of the 2013 Telstra NRL Premiership match, including the Finals Series and Grand Final live as its being broadcast on TV, with six live games every week.
  • Video streams of the 2013 Anzac Test Match, U20’s Origin and City vs Country game live as its being broadcast on TV
  • Post-match Press Conference videos

It doesn’t look like you get the ability to stream ALL games live – note the reference to “six live games every week”, and the app will use your location to determine which Friday Night Football match (provided by the Nine Network) you’ll get to see.

Will you be watching NRL games live on your phone this year? Let us know in the comments!


Source: Outware Mobile Blog.
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I’ve worked out that the replays of the games can be viewed without a subscription. The video stream works fine on my Razr HD and my Nexus 7. Going to get a micro HDMI cable to see if I can view the stream on my plasma and, if so, what the quality is like…


Nice of Hell$tra to lock out any Hell$tra Android device user not able to have absolute latest and greatest hardware. 🙁


Yeah, a lot of people have been whinging on the Play Store comments about this too. Are you sure that it doesn’t work on older devices? The list in the app description is just the phones that the app has been tested on. Doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work on others. Also, the Motorola Defy is in the list of supported devices but it’s by no means latest and greatest. 800mhz single core and running Android 2.2. I have a Razr HD, while it’s pretty highly specced, it’s not on the supported list either, but the app seems to work… Read more »


My Hell$tra Android device is the old T-Touch Tab, a Froyo device. The Play Store page for the app comes up with the yellow ‘This app is incompatible with your device’ box, and as a result, no way to even get a copy to sideload.


Just for your info it doesn’t work with the Motorola Defy


Someone on Whirlpool is reporting that you can’t stream the video to a TV via HDMI. He’s using an iPhone 5 and saying the audio works, but not the video. Will wait for some further confirmation of this, but if it can’t be outputted to HDMI, that’s a deal breaker for me…


HDMI Does work…


Indeed it does. My micro HDMI adapter arrived today and my Razr HD streams the replays fine to my plasma tv. The quality definitely isn’t HD, but it’s watchable. Definitely good enough to watch a game without getting frustrated… Might be a goer…

Gee Bee

i have tried for a few days to connect. keep on getting message. “error in connection”. is this because i’m with Optus not Telstra. Especially after the problems in the past in relation to Optus broadcasting the NRL.


I got this error but after turning on location services all was OK.


This is tempting. I could use the HDMI port on my Razr HD to view the non-free-to-air games live on my TV. The delayed games are on Channel 9 live anyway. As a Cowboys supported there are few games on channel 9 so this is worth a look rather than signing up to a Foxtel Contract…

hmmm, can I justify $90….


Do we know if it will be possible to view replays of the games after the broadcast has finished? If I miss a Saturday night game, will I be able to watch it the next day?


Yes you can…


Yeah you only get access to 6 games live (because two of the games broadcast by 9 are delayed). So far the App is snappy and well designed on a Galaxy S2 with ICS. Am interested in whether anyone has tried it on a tablet (eg Nexus 10) given this is not on the list of officially supported devices. In fact no tablets are officially supported at all (iPads or Droids). If it won’t work for tablets that would be a rort given the small screen size of most phones.


Oh of course you also get the representative games if you have a subscription for that period (ie origin games, tests, city country etc).