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This morning we brought you what initially appeared to be something approaching a realistic rumour regarding the Motorola X Phone. As it turns out, that news was largely unreliable and unsubstantiated rumour, and in respect of the imagery at least, provably false. You can see the pre-aged image used to create the fake as the article image; it’s clearly a (relatively) poorly made render.

However, what we now have could well be more compelling.

Ausdroid has exclusively received a tip from a well-placed individual, who has told us that:

  • Camera will be 10mp rear (unconfirmed front of 5mp). Rumours of a 16mp rear camera are just not true, and aren’t realistic. Better optics, not higher megapixels, are what’s needed in the mobile space, and you’d have to expect that Motorola, of all companies, would know this.
  • 5 inch 1080HD screen (although currently Motorola are having troubles sourcing a secure supplier for this screen and may move down to the 4.7 1080 HD if supplies are available for launch). This part we find a little harder to believe — surely the size of the screen is going to have a fairly sizeable impact on the design of the device, and wouldn’t be left down to late supply issues.
  • It will be a Qualcomm dual core processor but unknown on exact details. This makes some sense, given what we know about Qualcomm chips and LTE performance, but it remains the case that the Nvidia Tegra 4i could be used.

Perhaps more interestingly, we have some news about the worldwide availability of this rumoured device too, though we do take this with a grain or two of salt. As advised to us:

The big news is that the X Phone as of last Friday is not going worldwide and Australia may miss out on the device due to market size. Motorola are only going in invest into countries that can gaurentee a 25k sell-in of the device for the major carrier (Telstra in this case) which as yet Australia cannot commit to. Telstra will need to commit to this quantity as a minimum for the handset to come to market and as yet Telstra have only said they will commit to 15k maximum. If they dont order the extra 10k, there will be no X-Phone in Australia. They also have only until end of this month to commit their orders so its looking very unlikely Australia will get the X-Phone.

While this information is quite detailed, the question that I have is how Telstra can be expected to commit to a minimum purchase of the Motorola X Phone, when in the same advice to Ausdroid, the final specs of the device are yet to be determined, including something as key as the screen size (and thus, presumably, the overall size of the device).

Still, this question aside, the information appears to be credible. Make of this what you will, and by all means tell us what you think in the comments.

Source: Telstra InternalMotorola Internal.
Via: Anonymous source.
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Shaun Brown

If Motorola are hoping to increase sales surely they would make a GLOBAL phone (especially as Android is a global OS).

If this is supposed to be truly a ground breaking device why limit your sales to US when Android sells better globally (oh, and it needs better specs than whats coming out now).


Hey, we didn’t deny that there were large gaps in the rumour; in fact, we pointed them out in the article itself! 🙂


Unconfirmed SOC, unconfirmed screen size … this isn’t even a good rumour 😉


Lol I’ve just started using illustrator and solid works and I can do a better job than that.

Fake fake fake!


Until Google/Motorola, stand up on stage with one of these X phones in there hand and officially say “This is the Motorola X Phone – it features… XYZ …” I can’t believe any of this stuff. There are way to many holes in the story to believe any of it.

My $0.02