Google IO Soldout
At 1am this morning, the tickets for Google IO went on-sale on the Google Developers homepage. The event which is hugely popular and has sold out in increasingly quicker numbers every year. In 2009 the conference took 90 days, 2010 saw it take just 10 days, 2011 was sold out in 59 minutes and last year saw it sold out in 22 minutes. This year, it sold out in 45 minutes, however this could just be a reflection on the pressure the system was under.

There were issues with the ordering system which took up to six minutes to cycle through the Google system to allocate you a ticket. A number of users experienced 500 Internal Server errors whilst trying to enter the allocation screen. Others, like myself were able to get a ticket before having Google Wallet not allow them to pay for the ticket during a five minute window that appeared once a ticket was allocated.

There was a bit of disappointment in the air last night for many people. However, with only 5,000 tickets on-sale to the general public there are very few places to go around and the ordering system did eventually allocate all 5,000 of those tickets to some very happy people. Those happy people could be in-store for some interesting swag from Google, last years attendees received a Galaxy Nexus, Chromebox, Nexus 7 and a Nexus Q

Perhaps next year Ausdroid will be able to be present at IO to bring you all the latest goodness from the world of Android.

Let us know in the comments if you did manage to get tickets to IO

Source: GoogleDevelopers.
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I got one 🙂

I waited and reentered the waiting queue about 6 times and then it allocated one to me and the purchasing went through first time. Super pumped!!!

recent android convert

how much does it cost? just wondering.

Daniel Tyson

$900 or $300 for academic(students)