Kogan SGS 4
Kogan has opened up a waiting list for people wanting to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S 4. At this stage you can enter in your name and email address to join the S4 waiting list as well as receive Kogan deals and though no pricing has been announced as yet, they do advise ‘As always, Kogan will bring it to you at the best price in the world.’

Kogan does do pretty good deals on their handset pricing so it will be interesting to find out what they can offer. If you’re looking to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S 4 outright, then you may want to sign up to the Kogan Mailing list to be notified as soon as they release pricing. Head over to the sign up page and enter your details.

Source: Kogan.
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Mark J

Kogan is selling a lower spec international version compared to the one that will be sold for the Australian market. I like Kogan and buy from them when I need to. However it does need to be pointed out that they are asking a pretty high price for their S4 ($800) which is NOT 4G only 3G. You can buy the Australian version at Harvey Norman online for $20 more but you get a free micro SD card and it is 4G.
Just sayin, read before you buy.


Problem with Kogan (apart from piss-poor customer service) is that the phones they sell are the INTERNATIONAL version – which means if you do get a fault (in and out of warranty) Samsung Australia WILL NOT TOUCH THEM.

Glen Edward

big woop, are u dumb? u just send it to samsung hk. or whatever country your phone comes from. if your forking out 800 dollars for a phone i think u can pay 50 bucks for international shipping to get your phone fixed. if u cant your just a show pony who cant really afford the product you probably look cheap and use a protective case to make your phone like a laptop. australia is a ripoff to consumers regardless with network branding and network locked phones, 5 dollar bottles of coke. lol why support its ripoff living standards and… Read more »


What is your problem, douchebag ?


I second that. Glen that was just a stupid comment.

Greg McPherson

PR orders, waiting lists… to be honest they’re kind of meaningless. Like EB Games letting you preorder a PS4.


@Nick Bellios No, it isnt.

Michael Nguyen

Careful with Kogan though – there are reports that one of the reasons they are so cheap is they sell refurbs as new. My cousin’s friend ordered a Note 2 from them and her box’s open seal was already open. I have a Note 2 coming in a few days, so we’ll see. Fingers crossed.

Sean Royce

You can’t refurbish what hasn’t ever been sold before. Fail.


Haha, I was about to say the same thing Sean.

Sean Royce

Yeah bit of a redundant comment by him.

Glen Edwards

I think he was talking about Note 2.

Sean Royce

Wasn’t really worth mentioning considering the article is about a phone that’s never been sold before.

Glen Edwards

Wrong again, the article is about Kogan.

Sean Royce

Well yeah obviously, but it’s clearly about the Galaxy S4 as well.

Glen Edwards

People has the right to know if Kogan has been dodgy, but we need more evidence of course.


Sean your comment is a fail, first for the fail and 2ndly it is about Kogan. Buyer beware with them. I will never ever buy from them again.

Sean Royce

Relax, just because you had one bad experience doesn’t mean the website is completely dodgy. That’s like having a bad piece of steak and never eating cow ever again.

Nick Bellios

My Note 2 is sexier then that phone.