Google Keep 1
Looks like Google could be set to take on Evernote with a cloud based note-taking service called Google Keep. The service which is integrated into Google Drive was apparently live briefly – in the US at least – through the URL

Android Police managed to jump in and nab some screenshots of the service which will apparently allow you to make notes, save pictures and make checklists, you will also be able to colour code them. The ability to Archive notes is also available with Keep sending these notes to a section at the bottom of your list.

Google Keep 2

Notes will be able to be viewed by a thumbnail view and although there is no Android App available as yet the service looks to be fairly complete so the App and perhaps the service as a whole may not be too far off launching.

Would you use a Google note service?

Source: AndroidPolice.
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Joshua Bamford

I’d be interested to give it a try. Currently I use OneNote and Any.Do for all my note taking and checklisting needs. It would have to be significantly better for me to make the switch (and have an import function). I’d also be a little concerned that it might go the way of Google Reader…


I’ve never been able to like Evernote. Currently using Wunderlist as it does the jobs we want, especially being able to share a whole list and both update it, not just singular tasks.

A google based one would be great.

Phil Tann

I’d love to see an “import from evernote” function – WOOT!


Yes! Awesome idea to keep everything consolidated in one place.

Sean Royce

Interesting but google docs does pretty much the same job in a document form.

Peter M

This would explain why they’ve never really done anything to improve/fix Google Tasks. I love GTasks but it’s SOOO limited in so many ways.

There are some really cool Android apps that take it a step further but those settings are always then stored locally.


Mobisle Notes works as a backup in the cloud and has a website you can work from on your desktop. It’s simple and works well.

Adrian Jenkin

I’d almost certainly give it a go. I really like Evernote but if this means being able to drop 1 app from my install I’d consider it. That said it’d need to have a solid set of features before I ditch Evernote.


I with you on this one.


I won’t be using Google services anymore. They get shut down way to easily.

Andrew Palozzo

Freaking awesome.. I longed for something like this ages ago.. Still a lot of questions.. an android app is a must, but very very keen to check it out.


How about they not do this (or rather fix the gmail version) and keep google reader.