Galaxy s3 update

Samsung news site SamMobile has published a “pre-list” obtained from an apparent Samsung insider, detailing the manufacturer’s plans for software updates.

While not official, the list makes sense – it specifies a number of devices that will receive no further updates beyond 4.2.2, and those that will get updated to 5.0.

The devices that will end updates at 4.2.2 include:

  • Galaxy SII
  • Galaxy SIII Mini
  • Galaxy Note

The 5.0 update will be coming to:

  • Galaxy SIII (LTE + GSM)
  • Galaxy S4 (LTE and GSM)
  • Galaxy Note 8 (all variants)
  • Galaxy Note II (LTE and GSM)
  • Galaxy Note 10 (All variants)

While the list is far from complete (and they note it’s likely to change), it covers the majority of phones released in the last 18 – 24 months and gives reason for people sporting older devices to upgrade their phone if they want the latest version of Android.

If genuine, the list also appears to back up speculation that the next version of Android will indeed be 5.0 (not another point-upgrade, like 4.3).

Will you miss out on the 5.0 update? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: SamMobile.
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Soooo tired off this forced obsolence in the Android world. Coming to end of a contract in 2 weeks & i’ll be damned if i’m gonna opt for Android again.

Gav Lee

And I just flashed nightly 4.2.2 to my s3. I can’t wait to flash the stock Samsung ROM to see what all the features are like. Most of them are just gimmicks. But if all them s things come, damn Samsung is making touchwiz android chubby and slow! I really miss Samsung camera feature’s on cyangen mod 10.1 that’s one thing they have done right. The camera app n features.

Michael John- A

Hi please looking for an Android enthusiast to write for


Yup, SIII. 🙂


I own a Galaxy SII i9100, this just give me more reason to use it… Oh wait, I flashed it and I’m running AOKP on it. Maybe the Kang team will support 5.0 but we’ll just wait and see. Should I wait for at least the Note III? I have all the features of a nexus device, and don’t feel the pinch that some people are getting on a device that’s only a year old. This i9100 is creeping up to three years. Should I care about the new phones? And yes I’m a CWM flasher, maybe that’s why I… Read more »

Sean Royce

You ask to many questions. Only you can make that decision on what you should do.


Yeah, I’m going to stick around with the SII

Sean Royce

To each their own. I couldn’t, but I do switch phones at least once a year or so. I’m holding out for the next Nexus device. Plus you’re missing out on an HD display.


Yeah, and the blue pixels are starting to degrade. Just noticed that now. Eeek. Nexus devices seem to be next on the horizon me thinks

Sean Royce

I feel like Google is trying to go more mainstream with them. They have already sold millions of Nexus 7’s. And the Nexus 4 has received a pit of publicity.


I actually own a nexus 7. Its a jem in the tablet market

Sean Royce

Yeah I got one for my parents for Christmas just gone, my mum loves it so much.

Ben Truscott

Its a shame that they don’t list the GN, but I would ponder a guess to say it will get 5.0.

Damon Lewis

The Galaxy Nexus is weird since Google handles some of the updates and Samsung handles some (like AU). I assume it’s largely a Google decision if it gets 5.0/4.3 or not

Nick Bellios


Andrew Palozzo

I think it’s great to see samsung support phones for the full 2 years. So that’s great; When was the last time HTC supported a phone for 2 years?

Also super excited for IO now.. Bring on v5.0!!!


You mean like they are supporting the SIII mini for two years? It’s (apparently) being dropped only after 3 months after release. When was the last time HTC dropped a phone after 3 months..?

James Finnigan

Um, like all of them. HTC are the worst at supporting their low-mid range devices.

Almost French

Cool banana! Can’t wait.