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Some keen eyed coders at Android Police have sighted some interesting Javascript on the Google Play store website, either

  1. An epic troll from Google, or
  2. A fairly comprehensive indicator that Google are looking to branch deeper into written press and launch a news service

Either way, it’s caused further speculation about new services and ideas that Google may be looking to launch – perhaps even at I/O this coming May.

The suspicious code (which has since been removed from the Play store) can be found in the mirror that Android Police grabbed prior to its removal and shows display phrases such as

  • To read Google Play News
  • Please sign in to purchase this News Edition Subscription
  • Please sign in to get this News edition
  • Please sign in to purchase this News Issue, and
  • You have subscribed to this news edition

It seems a natural step in the growth of Android and the Google Play store that a news service could be launched. When combined with the other services such as Keep and Babble, it’s looking like I/O could be very interesting and very exciting this year.

Would you use a News service from Google? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Android PoliceCode Mirror.
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    The problem is that Australians probably won’t see this for another 2 years. I’m into Android and what google do, but their services are very US centric unfortunately.


    When I heard about this a while back I thought it was nothing more than news paper subscriptions delivered through play just like magazines. Don’t know what information there is to think anything else.