Last week, we posted that the launch of the HTC One would be delayed due to a component shortage. Business Insider is reporting this morning that an HTC executive has confirmed this in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, saying that suppliers have downgraded them from a tier one customer because of poor sales last year.

The company has a problem managing its component suppliers as it has changed its order forecasts drastically and frequently following last year’s unexpected slump in shipments. HTC has had difficulty in securing adequate camera components as it is no longer a tier-one customer.

By all appearances, the HTC One seems like a fantastic phone in its own right, but its success will depend largely on edging out Samsung’s Galaxy S 4. Originally, HTC hoped to get the One on the market before Samsung’s latest flagship, but now it’s looking like it will launch around the same time.

Source: Wall Street Journal.
Via: Business Insider.
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Sanjay Negi

HTC is making mistakes again, delay in HTC One will distract users from its good features.

Nick Bryant

Unfortunately HTC believe that just delivering a killer phone will get them back on track. For many, it is about the availability and desirability of accessories. HTC have no idea how to create an ecosystem around their phones, as anyone who has ever tried to purchase accessories will attest.

James Finnigan

Yeah. Why does the One X have pogo pins? As far as I know, HTC made no dock for the phone.

Robert Williames

Yeah they did, probably just not released in Aus…

James Finnigan

Well there you go! I stand corrected. I guess HTC actually market their phones’ accessories worse than they market their phones. BOOM BOOM!


Hmmm … HTC might be on the way out if this phone doesn’t succeed. Even if it’s better than the sgs4 (debatable) Samsung aren’t going anywhere. I’ve got an sgs2 which I love, and will wait for the Note 3, which will probably be a big sgs4.


It would be a bit depressing if the S4 got released before the HTC ONE, since it was announced a fair while beforehand. I’ll be buying the HTC ONE even if I have to wait, I’ve managed to use Desire HD for two and a half years… surely I can wait another monthor so? = /.


While the software makes the S4 stand out, I love the look of the One… its a tough choice, but until I have a play with them both it will be hard to decide. Exciting times

James Finnigan

What in the S4’s software really stands out for you? I’m not a huge fan of Samsung as it is, but I can’t think of any real stand-out features. They mostly seemed like gimmicks to me.

But the One truly is a gorgeous phone. HTC get industrial design.


Yeah, you’re right, now looking at the list of features I’m not sure there is much there I would use, I must have been blinded by the terrible acting in the launch performance. Most, if not all, could be done with apps.

HTC Zoe on the other hand would be useful for taking photo’s of the kids and getting little videos to go with it, plus the design is awesome like you said.


Samsung copied HTC Zoe with 9 seconds video instead of 3.


I didn’t notice that, I remember the recording sounds with photos… which my ~15 year old Sony digital camera has and I never used it on that either.


9 second clips with sound… but in this case let’s support the innovator instead of the copycat

James Finnigan

You mean Apple, yeah? They’ll do it in 5 years and claim they invented it, then we can all be hipsters for being into Apple’s new invention before it was cool.


i mean HTC


I’m not a Samsung fan by any means, but considering the HTC and Samsung events were so close together, I think it’s harsh to claim Samsung copied HTC with that feature.

James Finnigan

Yeah, I really like the Zoe idea. I think Samsung have done a similar thing as well, but the way you can pick and choose parts from different photos to get the best possible shot is just incredible.


Nicely said. I am no longer a fan of Samsung either, their software features are ok in a few points but overall the Nexus is just perfect for me.

Sean Royce

Might have been an easier choice if the HTC One was released on 4.2.2


Decision is easy for me. The clown phone which needs a big red clown nose that makes a noise when you squeeze it to match with all the other gimmicks, or the HTC One which is the epitome of gorgeous industrial design and by all reviews so far,lives up to the hype. I pre ordered the One and am still eagerly awaiting!


Very true, I’ll shut up now 😉


Haha. I think you’ll be happy with your HTC, after all, the CEO has staked his job on it! Samsung have no balls whatsoever since the SG4 is really just a bigger SG3. Where’s their balls on the line?

James Finnigan

One thousand internets for you, sir! Couldn’t agree more.