Mobicity Galaxy S 4
If you’re keen to get your hands on Samsungs latest flagship phone, then Mobicity are willing to accomodate you. Mobicity is now taking pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S 4 in your choice of White Frost or Black Mist. Your next choice after the ever important colour decision is what memory capacity you want to get and obviously how much you’re willing to pay; Mobicity is offering the 16GB Galaxy S 4 for $799, the 32GB for $899 and the 64GB version for $999 – you will of course attract a $19 shipping fee on the handset to get it into your hands.

At this stage Mobicity has advised that the 16GB Galaxy S 4 is due to be received in the Mobicity warehouse on the 26th of April with the 32GB expected to follow after that, no word on a time frame for the 64GB model unfortunately, nor to they have word yet on whether they will be receiving any of the accessories that were announced for the Galaxy S 4. Rest assured we’ll be keeping an eye out for any further developments.

Source: Mobicity.
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Duncan Jaffrey

Mobicitry site says NO to 4G.

processor not listed

Duncan Jaffrey

I’m live with Mobicity Tech support, they state that the processor is CPU Quad-core 1.6GHz Cortex-A15 & quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7


I’m gonna wait for news about 4G compability before I pre-order anything.


Is it 4g compatible?

Duncan Jaffrey

Which processor?

Jerry Kim

Im dying to know that!

Duncan Jaffrey

See my new posting

Brad H

This model is the international octa Eyxnos 5 which runs 4 high performance cores along side 4 low powered cores.


Very expensive. Won’t be buying there.


Mobi city is always more expensive, they are a bunch of thieving scumbags. They are still selling the Nexus 4 16 GB version for $429.00 and the 16 GB version for $489.00… And the Galaxy Nexus is going for $389.00 if you want a white one, or $419.00 if you want the black/silver version, I have seen it on Mobi City for ~$360. They raised the price and never lowered it… It amazes me that people are dumb enough to buy from MobiCity.