The Samsung Galaxy S 4 will be shipping around the world in one of two CPU configurations; The Qualcomm manufactured 1.9GHz Snapdragon 600 CPU or the Samsung designed 1.6GHz Exynos Octa-Core CPU which features ARMs Big-Little CPu configuration which pairs a 1.6GHz Quad-Core A15 processor for the heavy work with a 1.2GHz Quad-Core A7 CPU for the every day tasks to give eight cores in total.

SAMMobile has released a listing for all of Europe, Africa, Asia and most importantly Australia and according to them there will be two models, the GT-i9500 which will carry the Exynos Octa or the GT-i9505 which will feature the Snapdragon 600 and Australia will be seeing the GT-i9505; which means we’ll be getting the Snapdragon 600 in our Galaxy S 4.

The inclusion of the Snapdragon 600 makes sense with Qualcomm recently confirming in a Blog post that confirms the inclusion of Category 3 LTE Support, which includes the 1800MHz band that is in use by all three major mobile operators in Australia.

The Snapdragon 600 is clocking some pretty serious benchmarks at the moment and with the Exynos Octa currently LTE-less it makes good sense to go this route with LTE markets in Australia expanding fairly rapidly. Either way the Galaxy S 4 a monster of a phone.

Update: Thanks to a number of commentors the clock speed was incorrect and has been swapped around.

Source: SAMMobile.
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Dylan Xavier

My bigger concern is the GPU on the Snapdragon(Adreno 320) is slower than the Exynos(PowerVR SGX 544).



Isn’t the PowerVR SGX 544 less powerful than the Adreno 320? The PowerVR SGX 554 is a different story. I wonder if the 2GB DDR3 RAM will have any real world difference compared to HTC One 2GB DDR2 RAM?

Dylan Xavier

yes. but the s4 exynos is a SGX 544 mp3 which is tri core. so assuming its faster

Duncan Jaffrey

I’m definitely waiting for hands on reviews and benchmarks before I buy. The LTE coverage will not be satisfactory in Australia before I replace this phone so I’ll choose processor power and battery life over LTE. If the snapdragon is better or equivalent then fine otherwise I’m off to mobicity

Sean Royce

I’m actually glad. I hope Cyanogenmod changes their minds.


Can anyone tell me if the exynos GS4 version works with the lte bands used in AUS. In other words would the octa-core work at all if I buy it and bring it down under.

Jamesz Zhang

hey guys the spec are wrong the quad snapdragon 600 is 1.9ghz while octa core is 1.6ghz


Its good to hear the conversations going on. Makes my initial disappointment seem not so bad. Of course im going to root my phone. And with a lot of the developers community oulling away from samsung due to lack of exynos support it makes more sense. Of course this would more apply to custom stock roms but atleast there will be better fluidity and *fingers crossed* less bugs with snapdragon cyanogenmod

John H

No exynos? That’s almost certain there will be no Wolfson DAC. gutted =


What would be better than extra cores is faster core speed, Give me a 3ghz dual-core over an 8 core phone any day.


Sigh, I guess this means we can forgo the enhanced gpu performance with the SGX544MP3 (which trumps the iPad 3) under Exynos 5 Octa. Well, here’s hoping the Exynos 5 + LTE support returns with the Note 3.
Would have loved to see the battery endurance under the big.LITTLE setup though. :/

James Bryant

The snap Dragon will have much better aosp support and development support in general. Samsung don’t have a great record of releasing drivers etc, will the snapdragon be released with a different gpu to the Mali on the exynos?

Mali drivers are impossible to come by.


So what’s the difference? I would think power and battery life but which is better? Or is just 6 of one and half a dozen of the other?


The GPU used in both SOC is also different


Wasn’t the exynos at 1.6ghz whereas the snap dragon is at 1.9ghz?


Disappointed. Was assuming the 8core version would have better battery life do to it switching to the low power cores during low usage times.

James Finnigan

That was the theory behind the Tegra 3 as well, and that turned out to be wildly untrue. Qualcomm usually do a solid job with power management anyway, so here’s hoping it will all work out.


Every Qualcomm I have heats up very quickly, Razr HD, Lumia 920, nexus 4. Even when doing this like facebook and browsing for a minute or so. I really hope it doesn’t with this one


hum my initial response is I’m disappointed but I’d like to see how the new exynos chip compare with the snapdragon chip first before I decide. I’d like to have LTE but if there’s a significant difference in power, I guess I can live with HSPA+ for a year or two more, otherwise the decision is not that hard. I’d like to be able to smoothly play Hi10p mkv files on my phone. I’d love to see an exynos with LTE version though >_<


Don’t want the exynos chip. Would much rather the Qualcomm chip powering the phone and handling the LTE.

Wait, what am I talking about? I’m waiting for a few months for anything else to come out *shrug*

Jerry Kim

Either way it is monster anyway
All i need is 4G and Exynos octa with freaking battery life

Almost French



Yes, great news. Now maybe we won’t have the lag that seems apparently on S4 videos. + Way better support for custom roms 🙂

Zac Butler

not fu**ing happy

Daniel Tyson

Any reason why specifically?

Elton van Maanen

Pretty sure it’s for the below conversation:
Nexus 4 owner:” Hey check out my phone, it has 4 cores!!!!!!, it’s so fast”
SG4 Exynos: “4 cores? That’s cute!”

James Finnigan

I would take the Snapdragon any day of the week. Just because something has more cores, does not make it better. Qualcomm have consistently demonstrated to me that their SoC’s are beasts. Take the HTC One X – the version with the dual-core Snapdragon S4 performed so much better than the quad-core Tegra 3 version.

Zac Butler

yes not true a15s and the 4 a7s would of been great 4 battery, + the powervr gpu craps on the adreno gpu 😀

Damon Lewis

Lack of Exynos saddens me.

Daniel Tyson

Any reason why?

Damon Lewis

I’ve had bad experiences with other SoC’s that aren’t Exynos, notably Tegra 2 (which was terrible).


Tegra is/was terrible but Qualcomm is the best chipset manufacturer out there – yes better than Exynos.