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Guy Kawasaki: X phone might have customisable hardware



In the past, we’ve had some bad news when covering the rumoured Motorola X Phone — first we had some sketchy rumours about possible specs, then we had a much sadder rumour which all-but-confirmed that the X Phone wouldn’t be coming to Australia at all.

Well, prepare to swallow some salt, as BGR is reporting yet another rumour.

This time, though, the genesis of this rumour is a post from Google’s Motorola Division advisor Guy Kawasaki. We know Guy; he’s Apple’s former technology evangelist, and former panelist on Vodafone’s App Aid charity gig.

These days, Guy is working with Motorola, and he’s posted a video on his Google+ page, asking the question “wouldn’t it be great if you could personalize your phone like this”, referring to a video about the Porsche Exclusive program that allows Porsche customers to custom-design their own Porsches from a list of given options.

It could just be that Guy fancies a new Porsche, but equally, maybe there’s something to this. Let us know what you think.

Source: BGR.
Thanks: James.

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7 Comments on "Guy Kawasaki: X phone might have customisable hardware"

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Manuja Premaratne
Valued Guest

Awesome idea. The future will be options ranging from stock droid to different skins

Valued Guest

Folks, a reminder to play nice in the comments. If you develop a habit of leaving nasty comments, we can (and will) prevent you from commenting in future. Thanks.

Valued Guest

Yeah, probably not true. Terribly sloppy reporting. That was posted on Mar 20, 2013 on Guy Kawasaki’s Google+ page.


Then on the same day Phone Areana reported that “sources in the know” said “it is very unlikely that the X Phone would be sold as a customizable device”.


And this is being reported as news on the 22nd? Two days later? Try researching your articles first.

The internet, where nobody knows you are a dog and any moron can pretend to be a real journalist. Just the sort of sloppy and trashy work I have come to expect from Ausdroid.

Valued Guest

How rude.. Cat out of bag. You’re the dog. What’s the url of your blog?

Valued Guest

I think it’s an awesome idea, hopefully through the play store, that way we may still have some semblance of a chance to get it here too!

Daniel Tyson
Ausdroid Editor

I remember the good old days of customising Gateway computers (Haven’t ever ordered a Dell) and it was fun as anything. I say bring it on.

Valued Guest

…and out of stock

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