The NAB have joined the Commonwealth Bank and ANZ as the latest bank to be working on a comprehensive mobile payment system. According to NAB, 50 percent of their 1.3 million daily internet banking logins came from mobile, and so it is no surprise that they are putting more effort into expanding the capabilities of their mobile applications.

Known internally as ‘Kiss’, the new application lets users send and receive money using email, SMS, QR code and NFC. NAB told analysts today that Kiss is undergoing a 90-day trial with 1000 staff members as well as merchants in the bank’s commercial buildings, and unlike Google Wallet, which simulates a credit card, Kiss appears to rely on standard electronic transfers, which the bank says it is working towards processing in real-time.

Source: IT News.
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    Dave Hayes

    Visa paywave now available for android kitkat nfc phones with nab visa debit cards

    Harvey Wilson

    At least paying with NFC from a locked phone is more secure than the security joke that is Paywave

    James Bryant

    Seriously… how hard is it to just freakin enable Visa Paywave!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sean Royce

    Agreed, Australia already has the fastest adoption rate for pay wave. I want to blow peoples minds by paying with my card!


    So, wait… the way the article and a bit of searching for ‘Kiss’ sounds, is that it doesn’t actually let you use PayPass/PayWave to pay for things. Kiss is going to be peer to peer, just like Kaching or goMoney – with the advantage of being able to tap two NFC devices together (and supporting QR codes) Remember ANZ lets you pay to mobile/email addresses, and CommBank adds Facebook to the mix. CommBank also supports ‘bumping’ phones against each other, which sounds like how NAB’s Kiss will use NFC; but obviously much more straightforward and less fiddly…. and more touching… Read more »

    James Finnigan

    Unfortunately, this is what I gathered from reading about the technology as well. Surely it would be easier just to support PayWave/PayPass. The phones are capable of it, because it’s how Google Wallet works in the US, so I don’t know why it hasn’t happened yet.

    Adam Jones

    I am curious of that as well?

    Andrew Palozzo

    So i’ll be able to tap my phone against paypass terminals and it’ll work???


    Paypass / Paywave just happen to use NFC technology.. there’s a lot more to it than that. As CBA has stated publicly, it’s not something that’s easy to make happen as Google controls the secure element on the phones. So no, I don’t imagine you will be able to pay for things with this.