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It’s safe to say that when we reviewed the Xperia Z, we didn’t witness this! There are a number of reports about the place that Xperia Z handsets are randomly dying. Details vary a little, but it seems that the phones are working normally, and suddenly they just die — switch off, dead. From this state, users have been unable to recover their handsets — some have been able to hard restart (power button + volume up) but this hasn’t worked for everyone.

The reports have not identified a reason for this happening. Some users have speculated that its related to low battery status, but others have experienced it with full charge. While this leaves us a little baffled, apparently Sony isn’t quite so bamboozled by it — they say they’re aware of the issue, they’re on to it, and the problem will be fixed in the next software update.

Has your Xperia Z dropped dead like this? Ours hasn’t, and we’d be keen to know if this issue is cropping up in Australia.

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mere geographical issue with the power button. you guys are funny

David Evans

my xperia z had these symtopms, charging did not display anything, hard reset fixed mine, had a similer problem with my previous phone (motorola razer), it got to the point where it would just randomly reset hence the upgrade

Yetza Santoro

I actually had (and still have) this problem with my Acro S, and it’s the second time it happens. The first time after a few hours it came back to life out of nowhere, but this time it’s been a couple days and still nothing. Does anyone have any idea of what could be happening?

Anthony Baulch

SOOOOOO funny! 95% of these people have accidentally pressed the volume buttons and off button simultaneously which will do this. Just do the same again and it will restart. Lol


I got this problem, a fix is to re-boot the phone…


Mine played up yesterday, put it on the charge overnight turned off the screen, woke in the morning and it had green light on for charged, but no screen. So I googled and found this site, hit the hard restart and all back online and no hassles.


I’ve had my Z for about a week now & last night it died. One minute it was working fine at 20% battery and the next minute was totally dead. After googling the problem for 30mins i found your comment on how to “hard restart” the phone & this has brought it back to life, but for how long?

Jamesz Zhang

im gonna get the galaxy s4 after all the specs on both phone are pretty similar minus the waterproof dust proof features for s4 and also the s4 in australia will be running on snapdragon 1.9ghz quad

Greg McPherson

And… now that the Z is on Optus shelves, I’ve gone and handled one, and I can’t say that I want one anymore. I don’t like the feel of the thing. Too hard edges. I think I am happy to stick with my Xperia TX for a while, with it’s soft grippy plastic concave back that sits very nicely in your hand.


it just didnt feel right. a htc one for me

Greg McPherson

There is a bit of a sub-outrage going on amongst Sony fans to do with Jellybean firmware. Basically it’s taking a bit longer than expected to release it for some older phones, and some phones have been getting a second JB firmware release just weeks after the first one.

Sony has obviously found some serious bugs in it’s Jellybean code and have pulled back to fix them.

Sean Royce

Poor testing by Sony? You’d think these days with smartphones you don’t really want to be recalling such a good phone.

Nick Bellios

LOL! That’s why you stick with the devil you know 😉
<3 Samsung Note II