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Google Chrome OS
Google has unleashed four new Chrome ads on the world. These aren’t your usual straightforward sensible ads we’ve come to expect from the search giant – they’re short, sharp 15 second bites of internet frivolity.

The ads are thought to be the work of their new ad agency 72andSunny, who are notably also behind Samsung’s anti-Apple ads.

The ads seem to be pushing the idea that you can jump straight from Chrome on your desktop into Chrome on your tablet/phone without missing a beat, although the breadfish one does have the Ausdroid team stumped (maybe we missed a meme?).

They’re all a bit wacky, and don’t seem to be attempting to convince anyone to actually switch to Chrome but rather convince people that Google is a “fun” company. Perhaps Google is trying to make themselves seem more light hearted, having people recall their “Don’t be evil” days. Either way, the ads show a welcome touch of humor.

Do you use Chrome across your computer/phone/tablet, and do you like the way it integrates? Would you like to see more of this kind of ad from Google in the future? Sound off in the comments!

Source: 9to5Google.

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Google upping the push of their products lately.
Hate too see that huge “USE CHROME NOW!” banner and that stupid “Oh cool, I can take a dump anywhere” on their search engine.
F U Google I prefer firefox!


I got the feeling that breadfish is a take on the toasterfish on the windows 5/98 screensaver?
I slightly remember something along those lines, specific spliced animals and operating systems could be wrong…

Evan Cottle
Daniel Tyson
Ausdroid Editor

After watching that, I have to say What The?!?


The last bread fish one has a tune that’s awfully similar to Magical Trevor which is a random comedy cartoon you can easily find on YouTube. Its different words but the same tune… Aside from that I’ve got NFI what it is lol

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