HTC are pushing the Ultrapixel camera on their 2013 flagship as the best thing to happen to cameras since the lens, but now that the phone is actually in the hands of the internet, many reviews are pointing out that a lot of the photos the One is producing are kind of blurry when zoomed in, thanks to overzealous noise filtering.

Thankfully, HTC are aware of the problem, and have put together an update (which should be available to the public in April, providing the One itself is available by then), that fixes the problem. Hardware Zone did a test, comparing the old camera software with the new, and the difference is pretty incredible – images are much sharper and detailed, as is evident from the shot of the kids below.

Apparently though, images taken at ISO800 still seem wonky, but this could be to do with an unfinished release of the software. The camera is definitely something that we’ll be putting to the test when we do our review of the One, but in the meantime, check out the photo below to see the difference.


Source: Hardware Zone.
Via: Phandroid.
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Sujay Vilash

A lot of people are complaining about the vividness (or lack of) of the colours of the One. Does anyone know if the software update fixes that ?

Sean Royce

Great that they’re already issuing updates, I hope this phone gets the attention that it deserves.


“There’s still something unusual happening with ISO 800 however. With
both the older One and the One with the firmware update, image quality
at ISO 800 takes a sudden dip; details are softer and the image is
noisier than both ISO 400 and ISO 1600.”

Update fix is having issue with ISO 800 as stated above. the 4 Megapixels Camera is a major flop.


I was a bit on the fence about the HTC One with the average camera, but if it’s being fixed with a simple update, I’m on board.

Can’t wait for this to come out. Build quality looks amazing.

No One

Same here


Great to see them improve the subtle things so quickly cosnidering that these things drive people nuts.

No One

Camera is one of the most used feature in the phone and it is the key feature for HTC to fight other smart phone so sure they have to fix it right away.

No One

Thank HTC for this, I almost change my mind to get SG S4 instead because of the picture quality when Zoom In, with this fix I can definitely go for HTC One as soon as it release.