One of the distinguishing features of ParanoidAndroid’s custom ROM is the Pie controls – basically, Android 4.x’s navigation bar is hidden, and edge swipe gestures are used to bring up the navigation elements. This is done primarily to maximise screen space, but I use it on my Nexus 7 to make sure that I don’t accidentally hit the home button in the middle of games. It’s based on a little-known feature of the AOSP browser, called ‘Quick Controls’ that shun persistent UI controls in favour of edge swipes. ParanoidAndroid have put a lot of work into the Pie controls, and it shows, from the smoothness of the UI, to their neat implementation of the notification tray.

In a post on their Google+ page this morning, CyanogenMod have announced that following a complete re-write of the code, and extensive consultation with CM’s UI and UX team, Pie controls will be included in nightly builds as of today. I’m still waiting on the nightly for my One X to become available, but it’s definitely on the changelog.

Source: CyanogenMod.
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    Tony Ross

    i have no interest in this. its just a gimmicky duplicate of what my phone already has.


    Interesting to try out. I love PA for this reason. I swap between pie and tablet style bars every few weeks.

    I miss an important message and I say never again with pie and then a few weeks later I put it back on.

    I might give CM a shot and see what their spin on it is.


    Just use LMT Launcher from xda (google it)… It’s much better than the pie from p. A. Which is where cm ported it from. Much more options and works flawlessly. I use it on my nexus 7.

    Dan Barker

    is it optional?

    James Finnigan

    Yeah, it should be. It’ll be an option you can enable through the settings.

    Sean Royce

    Is there an XDA link so I can flash this on to my phone? I’m on Slimbean 4.2.2.

    James Finnigan

    I believe there was a zip floating around a while ago that would let you add Pie controls to any rooted ROM, but I’m not sure.

    Is Slimbean a CM derivative? If so, the devs will probably add it anyway pretty soon.

    Sean Royce

    I think so? Not too sure, it’s just a vanilla like Android experience but very very light, weighing in around 93mb or so.