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With Iron Man 3 due to hit cinemas in Australia on the 24th of April, Gameloft has announced overnight that they will be offering the official movie tie-in game on the very next day.

The game appears to be an endless running style game, similar to Temple Run. Players will take on the role of Tony Stark, complete with his upgraded Iron Man armour from the new movie and proceed to fly their way through the different levels, using repulsor rays to clear your path of obstacles along the way.

Although Gameloft has advised that the game will be released on the 25th of April, they have tended to release the iOS version first before launching the Android version soon after. We’ve reached out to Gameloft Australia to confirm the dates and timing for the game but it looks like a cracker.

There has been no announcements on if the game will be released as a paid game or a freemium based game with in-app purchases but there appears to be coins and powerups along the way so it could possibly be freemium based. Check out the trailer and see what you think.

Update : Gameloft Australia has advised about the release date for Iron Man 3 : ‘It will be released on April 25th worldwide for both iOS and Android’.

Iron Man 3 – The Official Game – Gameplay Trailer

Source: Gameloft.
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    Piers McCarney

    It’s great that with all the potential and power of an established character of Iron Man, they came up with… yet another “running” game.
    So lazy.


    Well, that looks terrible. Bring on the movie!

    Sean Royce

    I’d love to get these games but they usually take up at least 1.5gb minimum.