JB Hifi Sale
If you’re at all interested in getting into a Chromebook or checking out ChromeOS, then this weekend is a great time to do so. JB Hifi has announced on Twitter this morning that they will be offering 20% off Laptops, today and tomorrow. The good news is that this does include their Chromebooks, the bad news is, as per the sign the Samsung Series 3 Chromebook is not included.

Chromebook Display JB Hifi

There are however two other models of Chromebooks on the market and JB Hifi has both of them. JB Hifi is currently offering the Acer C7 Chromebook for $238.40, down from its usual price of $298. They are also offering the HP Pavillion 14 Chromebook which is normally priced at $398 for $318.40.

Pretty good pricing to get either an entry level Chromebook or the top of the range HP Chromebook at the moment. So, get on in to your local JB Hifi this weekend and check out all the Chromebooks on offer and see which one will suit you.