The delay of the HTC One has hit home hard for HTC, with their profits hitting their lowest levels ever at just $2.7 million (AUD) for the last quarter — a decrease of 98%. Bloomberg reports that this is the sixth straight quarter of profit declines for the company, and at this rate it could be their last quarter to run a profit at all.

HTC’s revenue fell 38% to $1.54 billion (AUD) this quarter, well below their average of $1.76 billion (AUD).

With the delay of the HTC One pushing it back to Q2, HTC are hoping that they can regain sales momentum even in the face of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 launch. The One isn’t the only phone HTC have placed bets on, with the HTC First also becoming available in the US in the coming weeks.

Source: Bloomberg.
Via: The Verge.
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I love htc… I had the htc dream and the htc desire, then a samsung s2 then the one x and then an s3 (only because I smashed my htc) then my current note 2.. I’m very kean for the one


I’m getting the HTC One replacing my Galaxy S2. I think the HTC One will be popular if they can get the supplies up.

Ian Tester

Perhaps they should focus on making phones with features people want, instead of pretty things with crappy battery life. And despite their promises they’re still making a bazillion different models, now they’re just variations of the “One” name.


That’s what they get for having a dig at samsung about their marketing and reveal event….we all know that sammy will out sell them by the truck load….karma is a bi*tch

Peter Graham

My last 3 phones have been samsungs .. I was very interested in the HTC one before its release .. then HTC did the same old thing .. no micro sd slot .. no removable battery .. and then these ultrapixels .. its kinda sad really .. such a great looking phone. I’m still waiting for the next nexus to come out before I decide on it or the s4.


If you want a micro SD slot, you most probably won’t see it in a Nexus device with Google wanting manufacturers to go towards a single unified internal storage which is the sad thing about nexus devices, such great products with so little storage options.


Samsung have really gotten the jump on their competition. Other manufacturers phone launches seem to be falling very flat in comparison. Lumia, Windows, htc. Not that they’re not good phones but they seem to be flopping at launch, then falling off the radar.

James Sagi

I’m looking forward to the new HTC last. Just kidding, but boy, the future doesn’t look good for them. Hopefully they can keep up the competition


Do you still remember what they did to HTC Desire HD? That is karma…


The desire Hd was miles ahead of the crappy, laggy, galaxy s. That piece of crap was frustrating to use.


That’s right. All samsung phones are crap. Cheap plastic, oversaturated amoled blue tint screen. No match for even htc one x screen !

Sean Royce

You’re an idiot.


HTC fan are idiot. Samsung has sold millions of plastic phone, they must have done something right. While HTC make just $2m.


Market economics has spoken. It’s all about supply and demand. Samsung’s star continues to rise while HTC’s fortunes plummet. HTC had the world in it’s hand (think back to the heady Windows Mobile days that spawned xda developers and early Android handsets) and just dropped the bundle.


In the face of direct competition with the S4, it probably won’t be the great saviour HTC is hoping for though it’ll probably help.