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If you read our Sony Xperia Z Review back in February and thought “I like that phone, but I think it’s just a bit expensive at the moment”. Well here’s your chance to get a really good deal on Sony’s current flagship phone. Kogan sent out an email this morning advertising a brilliant offer for the Black Sony Xperia Z, where you can purchase the phone for $539 + $19 delivery, still making this the cheapest price we’ve seen from retailers yet.

The Black Sony Xperia Z is available at the reduced price until Midnight tonight and there is a limit of 1 per customer, but at this price you will need to be quick to get your hands on one. If you are after the White Xperia Z, Kogan also stock the White Xperia Z for $579.

Update: This deal has now expired.

Have you been waiting for the Xperia Z to come down in price? Will you be considering getting one at this price?

Source: Kogan - Sony Xperia Z (Black).
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Sean Royce

Anyone getting this thing?


Could you please post the link in the article? Can’t see any source links from my phone.


Thanks for that. I did end up buying it. Seemed like a really good deal.

Should arrive in a few weeks. Can’t wait!

Peter M

Just a suggestion, can you please include the link to the sale item inside the copy?

I had to search the page-source to realise it was in the “Via:” link!

Daniel Tyson

Link to the Xperia Z on Kogan : Fair call, I’ve also added the link into the post.