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Google Play Music has just gone live in Australia. The link is now showing up in both the Google Play Web Interface as well as the Google Play app on Android – although not in the new Google Play app that was released overnight. The service which is available already in the US and Europe allows users to store up to 20,000 songs in a music locker in the Google Cloud.

Web Music

Google Music also allows bands and artists not signed to a record label to sign up to Google Play artist hub — a platform for independent artists to sell their music directly to fans. In the artist hub, artists can create a profile, upload their music files, suggest a retail price, and sell their music on Google Play. There is a $25 cost to artists to do this which is the equivalant of the fee charged to developers wanting to upload apps to Google Play.

Android GOogle Play Music

Google Music is available on your desktop via the Google Music site where you can download a client to begin uploading your existing music library to the cloud and for your Android device you’ll need to download the Google Play Music app from Google Play.

PLay Music

There is no information in the Google Australia Blog regarding song matching which allows Google to add music to your music locker based on a search of your locally stored music library without the need to upload the files.

Head over to the Google Play store on your desktop or Android device to check out what music is available.

Source: Google Australia Blog.
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David Anderton

is it only possibly to play back from wifi not over 3g?


Anyone know how much data uploading a couple of thousand songs will be?


Will this service allow us to store any purchases we make locally ? As opposed to steaming only ?

Luke Pocock

Has anyone tried the Music Play store on a Tablet and click “Explore Similar Artist”. I tried it on my nexus 7 and its super cool. Does not work on my HTC One X though

Sujay Vilash

Will Google Play Music allow me download any songs I buy from GPM ? in other words, is it a streaming service only or will it allow me to store my music locally as well.

Mitchell Smith

Had this for some time. It is cool that they finally allow purchases through our local store. But Spotify has since swooped in and taken my heart. The thought of buying music seems so archaic now.


Sudden realisation that this is going to be dangerous to my wallet!

Elliot Kotis

Hey guys, before this came out I bought my songs from iTunes (sorry guys), and exported them to my phone and also on my iPod shuffle, is there any way to grab the songs and chuck them on my shuffle?


Does it actually upload your song files or just the meta data?

Btw, I use Pandora free and since updating to JB, I haven’t had a single ad yet after hours of play. It’s never played ‘actual’ ads but it did use to stop now and then with a voice over telling me “this is an ad break”. I’m guessing they don’t have an ad service in Australia?

dan J

Or download through the music manager, And there Mp3

dan J

Yes you can download the individual songs or the whole album after purchase. Click on drop down arrow next to it when looking in your MY MUSIC

Daniel McAnally

I’m guessing purchased tracks are only added to your Play Music library with no option to download a MP3 copy? As far as I can remember, tracks purchased on iTunes, you get a DRM free MP3.

James Sagi

What file format do they use? Will I be able to transfer songs to my computer? Spotify is definitely better value for money, but I like the ability to not need to stream my music too. 12 bucks is pretty cheap for a whole album

Sean Royce

Finally! I knew this would spark a mullion comments.

Brad H

Sideloaded the new Play Store to my phone using the APK you guys provided.
Cleared data/cache of Play Music.
All working.

Uploading my 70GB collection now.
Crazy how they’re letting you upload 20000 songs for free.

David Watt

Absolute rip off – I’ll stick with MOG.

Chay MacTavish

Anyone else having issues uploading music? I just did a test upload of about 700 songs, and looked as though it uploaded them all, and I could see them landing there, but now my library is shrinking, and is sitting at 35 songs… If I try to re-upload an album not there, it seems to think it is already there…

Chay MacTavish

Now down to 3…


This is happening to me too. No idea why. I uploaded a few hundred songs and they appeared for a short while, now they are no longer there. Not in the Music Bin either.

I have one album in there at the moment, but it’s one I bought from the play store.

Chay MacTavish

Okay, (Sorta) glad it’s not just me. Hopefully a kink that will soon be ironed out


yeah I seem to be getting the same issue


Are they FLAC quality? If not, not interested.

Mitchell Smith

Yes, you silly little audiophile. It supports FLAC. Though, you could have just simply Googled that yourself to find out. Of course then you wouldn’t have had this opportunity to brag that you only listen to FLAC; just really needed to remind yourself and others that you are just that bit better than them.


Someone has some insecurity problems!

My googlefu told me its 320kbps and not FLAC.

Mitchell Smith

That literally took me less than 5 seconds to find. Your post is clearly nothing more than a shallow attempt at boasting about your superior taste in quality. That, or you really, really suck at the Internet, and honest to god couldn’t find that yourself. Either is pretty damn sad.


Sounds like you need to spend more than 5 seconds googling. Google supports YOU uploading FLAC, but not purchasing and downloading FLAC. Go buy an album, and what does it say on the side? “Format 320 kbps MP3”.

Before trolling someone next time, it would do you well to actually know what you’re talking about. With regards to me “boasting”, well I prefer to pay full price on full quality than full price on an inferior product. Fail troll is fail.


Nice one, Thanks Dan…. just started the 125gb process.


No problems with pricing. Just bought The 2nd Law (Muse) for $11.99. It’s $12.99 on iTunes and $11.88 on Amazon (digital download). Works flawlessly.

James Finnigan

I actually thought that album prices were ok, too. But $2,19 for one song seems ludicrous!


would have been handy 6 months ago before I got a Spotify account…. now I won’t be needing this sort of service anymore. Too late Google!



Elliot Kotis

Why don’t we have both? YEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!


Nice to see the service finally come to Australia.

Though I’d prefer a music streaming subscription service where you pay $X a month and have access to their entire music library, it’s still a good start.

Individual songs are pretty pricey, but album prices are acceptable. No doubt individual song prices are high so you fork money over to get the entire album.


Freaking finally!!!!!!!!!


Hopefully this means we will get the new streaming music thing that people have been talking about too
Now all we need is TV but I seriously doubt that’s coming any time soon and if it did it would be severely limited


$2.19 for a lot of songs. Thanks but no thanks.

Phil Tann

Depends on the song…
Some are 99c

Greg McPherson

I went and searched for old Cake songs. Most are $2.19, with a few randomly at $1.69.
“The Grates”. An alt grungy band… again mainly $2.19 with random $1.69.
After lots more searching, I think the 99c songs are rare.


Interesting to see if there is the usual Australia tax on there.. Ie. Are the songs the same price for us as they are in the US store?


Yeah but they have to account for shipping costs 😛

Daniel Tyson

Which Songs? Just interested to see which ones are at $0.99

Greg McPherson

My Sony phone also has their “Music Unlimited” service. $12.99 a month.
If I was a big music listener, that would seem like a much better deal.

2 bucks is alot for one song.


Same price for a lot of music on itunes. I don’t see the problem


I never said itunes was much better. Was just hoping theyd buck the trend and offer music at a decent rate to get people interested in the service.

$1-1.50 is a maximum id pay for music. Id probably struggle to warrant paying that these days when things like spotify are around.

Joshua Wenham

It’s the music labels that are ripping us off, they don’t sign contracts unless it’s at the price that they want.


I’m happier with Google now than I was two weeks ago with the demise of Reader.

By the way I had to reboot my phone wait a minute or two while it picked up the new Play Store, and then Clear Data on the Play Music app to get the new options to appear on my Samsung Galaxy Note 1 with Jelly Bean.


Just when I move back to WP8 due to lack of a 1/2 decent Music store in AUS

Benjamin Booth

Music is showing for me in the new Google Play app that was released overnight too, I just had to swipe the app away in the app switcher to force-close it and then re-open it. So glad it’s finally available here though!

Daniel Tyson

Just cleared my Cache Data in the Google Play App, now showing for me too.

Peter Graham

Freakin awesome! I just downloaded a single to try it out .. very fast service .. been waiting for this for a year now! Stoked!


ABOUT TIME!!!!!! =)


Song match works. I had Google Music previously (before AU launch) and when I click on songs in my locker online I have the option to ‘Correct Wrong Match’.


I can’t find that option in my locker?