Chrome Beta
Google have recently updated Chrome Beta with a few nice little features and one that many users have been calling for since the release of Chrome on Android: Full screen web browsing.

This feature has been available in the stock web browser for as long as I can remember and may have even been there from the beginning and it is good to see this feature finally make it to Chrome. You will only notice this on smaller devices such as phones which I believe is a good thing. Tablets have the screen real estate to be able to always show the address bar where as phones can put that space to better use with web content.

Other features that have been added in this release are the ability to view your search terms in the omnibox, instead of the long search URL and the in-page Google search box, as well as the ability to see your data savings from the experimental data compression feature that was introduced in the last beta update.

As always you will need to use this link to install the Chrome Beta as you will not find it by searching the Play Store.

Are you using Chrome Beta in favour of the default Android Browser or the standard Chrome Browser? What do you think of Full Screen browsing on phones?

Source: Google Chrome Blog.
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    How about text reflow?


    Where’re my quick controls? Sadly, I think someone packed them with my jetpack 🙁