Project Glass

Further to Google’s announcement yesterday of the Glass Collective being launched by Google Ventures, today we’re seeing news that developers could get their hands on a developer edition of Google Glass — named the Glass Explorer Edition — within the next month.

What we don’t know is when a consumer device will ship, but for lucky developers at least, the $1,500 device is more than likely just around the corner. This makes good sense time-wise, as we all know that Google I/O 2013 is just around the corner as well. It’s hard to imagine that Glass won’t be a major component of the I/O event this year — the hardware itself and the various Glass APIs have to be up the top of the must-discuss list.

There’s little detail about how these devices will be distributed — those who registered for early access to Glass and were lucky enough to receive an invite to purchase the device early have had to make their way to California or New York to purchase and collect. Will developers have to do the same? To me, it seems unlikely. It would be far smarter for Google to ship these devices directly so developers can have a bit of a tinker before the I/O event in May.

Source: Tech Crunch.
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    Nick Bellios

    Send me one and I’ll root it.

    Taufiq Khan

    Any coming to Australia? 🙂