Google’s venture funding arm – Google Ventures – has launched a campaign seeking to encourage developers and entrepreneurs to make the most of Google Glass.

The Glass Collective is an alliance between 3 firms – Andreessen Horowitz, KPCB and Google Ventures themselves – looking to help fund startups entering the Google Glass space. They recognise that Glass is an exciting new technology that could potentially be a turning point in connectivity and the ability to deliver real time information to all users users.

Whether it’s a social experience, delivery of real time information – such as breaking news or sports scores – or staying connected with your friends and loved ones, they want to see developers and engineers create new, exciting and informative experiences for users and they want to give you money to get your venture started.

While it’s nice to see interest in funding startups’ ideas for Glass, it seems that they’re perhaps not ready to hear from developers directly. There’s no contact information on the site, and a note states “We have a better chance of understanding your vision if we hear about your business directly, or through our friends and associates”.

We have some concern that this could limit the involvement of independent developers internationally with little chance of contacting these friends and associates to draw attention to themselves. Time will tell whether these concerns have merit, and we’re happy to be proven wrong.

Are you a developer looking to join the Glass Collective? What kind of apps and experiences would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below

Source: Glass Collective.
Via: Google Blog.