Today Amazon announced that developers can now submit their apps to the Amazon Appstore — Amazon’s competitor to Google’s Play Store — for distribution to almost 200 countries. Australia is lucky enough to be on that list, although there’s really no large attraction to Amazon’s service over Google’s own Play Store which offers a wider variety of apps. While us Aussie users can’t use the Appstore as of yet, Amazon have said that it’s launching in the coming months., Inc. continued the global expansion of its Appstore today by announcing that developers can now submit their apps for distribution in nearly 200 countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, India, South Africa, South Korea, and even Papua New Guinea and Vatican City. These apps will be made available in the coming months when the Amazon Appstore for Android launches internationally for consumers.

The arrival of the Amazon Appstore here in Australia will allow really low-end device manufacturers an avenue to install a large variety of apps without the need for them to get Google’s approval for the Play Store. Oh, and Amazon do have a free paid app each day.

If you’re eager, for whatever reason, to install the Amazon Appstore, you can do so from Amazon’s site — visit the link from your phone. Login will fail, so it’s pretty much useless for now.

Source: Amazon.
Via: The Verge.
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    Is the Kindle Fire on sale here officially anywhere yet? Might make it easier for them to sell it here, as they do for the other Kindles, after opening up the Amazon Appstore here.


    Yeah I was thinking similar.. maybe it paves the way for Fire devices and a phone whenever that rocks up.


    Can you buy the Kindle Fire through Amazon? I was under the impression that Amazon don’t ship electronic goods to Australia so whether the App store makes it here or not, isn’t going to change that.

    Unless of course, they’re going to change their policy on shopping electronic goods along with introducing an app store.